Frankly, It’s Comical… Pt. 1

In my ongoing attempts to give varying content up on this here cloud every week I’m going to do a review of the comics that I purchased that week. I know the bulk of the Thirteen don’t give a damn but content is content and I need to write. (Hey, I could write about some bullsh*t-a** topic like interracial dating or something.) I’m going to shoot for every Thursday because new comics come out each Wednesday but the cookies don’t always get smashed that way. Sometimes I don’t get my books until the weekend and sometimes I don’t have subscriptions for any of the books that were released that week. So I hope not to over-nerd y’all why I do this.

X-Factor #216

Quick rundown for those who don’t knowX-Factor Investigations is the current incarnation of Marvel Comic’s long-running X-Factor series which began as an off-shoot of the X-Men. (The first X-Factor team was the original X-Men. X-Factor’s current bag is that of a detective agency for super powered types throughout the Marvel Universe where they occasionally assist a rotating cast of characters. (Kind of like that horrible movie that Run D.M.C made back in the day, Tougher Than Leather but without the suck.) They are basically the X-Men but with more dysfunction and even more pithy banter.

This issue sees our mutant detectives getting paid a visit from J. Jonah Jameson, Peter Parker’s old boss and the current mayor of New York City and via flashback panels we see how exactly a group of mutants that includes a super-strong, black version of Paris Hilton and a Scottish werewolf who is involved in gay/straight love triangle actually get to operate in the middle of New York with a mayor who hates superheroes. JJJ hires our heroes to find out who killed an American general that Jonah knew in Vietnam.

The Good

Obviously, this is a set-up issue because not much happens besides a cameo from Spidey who hangs out on the roof while Monet insults his grammar. Like I said, it’s a set-up issue. I’m guessing Spidey will be back before this arc is up.

The Bad

I still think X-Factor is one of Marvel’s best books on a month to month basis due to Peter David’s writing but I’m a little over the Gay/Straight/Werewolf pregnancy thing. Overall this is still a good book.

Heroes for Hire # 4

Quick rundown for those who don’t knowHeroes for Hire started out as a pairing of Luke Cage and Iron Fist. They basically acted as bodyguards for anyone who could afford them while helping out the folks in New York’s various darker-hued neighborhoods.

The current Heroes for Hire series stars several Marvel Heroes but is helmed by Misty Knight. Misty has enlisted the help of The Falcon, The Black Widow, Paladin, and others to carryout various crime fighting missions for cash. All of the guys don’t know that it isn’t their favorite super heroine with a bionic arm and an afro calling the shots, it’s Puppet Master who decided to leave The Fantastic Four alone and screw with someone else. Only Paladin has figured out that Misty ain’t quite Misty so he tails all of her friends thusly drawing the ire of her ex-boy friend, kung-fu billionaire Iron Fist.

The Good

Via flashbacks (Marvel sure loved flashbacks last week.) we recount Misty Knight and Iron Fist’s relationship, a false pregnancy, and the both of them splitting up. This issue sees Misty fighting off Puppet Master’s trickery to figure out that somethin’, somethin’, somethin’ just ain’t right and breaks free of The Puppet Master’s mind control only to find out that she A) Can’t use her legs because muscle atrophy is a bitch and B) The Punisher has an M-4 pointed at her temple. Of course Misty isn’t getting merced because she’s kind of the star of the book, but you just have to pull for a black chick with a bionic arm, an afro, and a .45. The Punisher doesn’t stand a chance. Sorry Frank.

The Bad



Wolverine/Hercules: Myths, Monsters & Mutants #1

*Due to the fact that this the first issue of a miniseries there is no “Quick rundown for those who don’t know.”*

I’ve always loved the fact that Marvel Comics has incorporated various mythology into its

continuity. This miniseries deals with a the relationship of Hercules, the demigod son of Zeus, and Wolverine. The book opens with Herc and Logan having drinks at a bar in New York where Herc is telling Logan a story about fighting Nazis in Paris in the early days of WWII. In the flashback we see Hercules dressed as Namor to hide his involvement in the war from Zeus, who wishes that all of the god’s of Olympus stay out of human affairs, stopping an armored machine helmed by Baron von Strucker from flattening the City of Light. Wolverine, to Hercules, amazement finished the story telling Herc that his battle allowed him to assassinate a Nazi Official.  

The Good

Hercules and Wolverine are two of Marvel’s oldest characters (age wise) and it was interesting reading of their pre-superhero exploits. They both are drunken party boys who don’t mind fist fighting and sleeping with random women. (We learn that Hercules got personal with Marie Antoinette once and Logan “knew” Rita Hayworth in a restroom. Logan and Herc also discuss being immortal and Logan’s fear of burying his family, the X-Men because he will probably outlive them all.

The Bad

Not much bad here. The second part of the book dealt with a Minotaur, some Hand ninjas, and some cat how killed one of Logan’s old girlfriends.


Secret Warriors # 25

Quick rundown for those who don’t know- Col. Nick Fury, who is James Bond, Jon Rambo, and Bruce Wayne combined used to be in charge of S.H.I.E.L.D, which was a worldwide peace keeping/intelligence organization until he went off the reservation and caused a few international incidents.  Doing what every spy would do Fury went into hiding but kept his ear to the streets in the superhero community. He gathered a team of teenaged superheroes to help fight off an alien invasion, broke into Obama’s office, and helped get rid of Obama’s biggest mistake which was  putting Norman Osborn into a cabinet position. After that he and his teenaged band of terrorists have been secretly fight off various evil organizations that are hell bent on world domination. (What else would various evil organizations do, run for congress? Never mind.)

The Good

For most of the two year run of this book it’s been hard to figure out what the hell is going on. It’s a spy story so this was as intended. We find Fury kidnapped and forced to work with enemies and a few friends for some unknown goals. We get to see Fury maintain his classic hard-a** attitude although he currently doesn’t have the upper hand. (Or maybe he does.)

The Bad

This was issue # 25 and the series ends in two issues. I’m not happy about that. Unfortunately there was no screen time for the Secret Warriors themselves. Hydra has our boy so I’m hoping his friends come in for the save.

So this is my first attempt at this so I hope it goes well. For those of you who read comics let me know what you think.

Vaya con Dios.


4 responses to “Frankly, It’s Comical… Pt. 1

  1. I am glad to hear about this new weekly foray into the comic book world, which I’ve been increasingly more interested in as of late.
    I’m confused though, so is the implication that Herc was the Sub-Mariner all along or was just dressing as him? It doesn’t like like it would make sense at all if they were implying the former.

    • When Herc started telling the story Herc told Logan that he was wearing green speedoes to pass as Namor so he wouldn’t piss off his dad and the other Greek gods who were supposed to sit out WWII. Logan then nods and gets his point realizing that he had been giving Namor, who gladly excepted, the credit for years.

      Thanks for reading also Sane!

  2. The Only Real Outcast

    Evil organizations DO run for Congress!…..

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