I’d Prefer Not To

Like I said last week, my writer’s block game is proper so I’ve been attempting to get the kinks out of my fingers and brain once again. I’ve got a few things that I’m currently writing about but I don’t have the blocks completely removed so they would suck even worse than this would if you read them right now. Due to my late-coming paralysis I just have to ease back into things so with that being said:

Wiggle your big toe!

During my time in shutdown mode I did my best to come up with topics to write about. I came up with a few things but I also walked away while having quite the moment of clarity/awakening/epiphany/what ever we full of sh*t Negroes and non-Negro folks of this generation call it when we discover something: I generally do not give a sh*t about a lot of things that others who happen to be in the same demographic categories as myself may care about. I don’t know if this is another not so subtle omen of my forthcoming life as a sociopath presenting itself to me, me just be a contrarian a-hole, or maybe I honestly don’t care for a lot of things that others do. (It’s also very possible that I’m having some Huey Freeman moments.)

After thinking about me not giving a sh*t some more, here are a few things that I came up with a few things that my peers seem to enjoy but I’m really “Meh.” about.*

  1. Fantasy Sports – No, I don’t care who your running backs are! I like football and baseball a whole heaping lot but I have to be able to take it in doses. With that being said I don’t want to pretend to play a game with players on teams that I probably don’t like so that I can have bragging rights over Gary from IT. I could easily turn this into a diatribe about how fantasy football is ruining fandom but I won’t do it. During football season by the time 8 o’clock eastern rolls around on Sunday night I’m done for the week. I’ve probably watched two or three games on that prior Saturday and more than a few that day so I really don’t want to log-on to see my point tally… or maybe I just have a short attention span. After all of my stating how much I don’t give a damn about fantasy sports I did come up with a name for my fantasy football team, if I in fact gave a damn. They would be called the “Cledus Snow Experience”.
  2. Madden Football — This kind of piggy backs off of numero uno. Like I said, I just spent a few hours actually watching football so no I don’t want to play you in Madden. Anyone ever notice how that every guy (or girl) who plays Madden thinks that they are the best to have ever picked-up a Dual Shock Controller? (I think this is kind of like everyone has the attitude that they are in fact the best driver on the planet and it is the rest of the Earth’s populace who can’t drive worth a damn.)
  3. Porn – I haven’t watched a porn flick in damn near six years. I actually think that I may be the only straight, 31 year old dude on the planet who doesn’t watch porn. While listening to my friend’s radio show I’ve had to actually text  him the name of a adult film star followed by the a question mark. (You know for the purposes of context. Ironically the bulk of them turned out to look like midgets with large a** with names like  Pinky (sp), some random Native American tribe like Lakota Sioux, Genosha, or some random woman who looks like Jeff Blauser with fake knockers, and neck tattoo.) I simply don’t care enough to watch. Would I turn my head if I walked in to a room and it was on the tube? No. Would I make an effort to watch or download a flick? Nah, it’s just not in me.

That’s my big three. I was going to add athletic shoes to this list but my love of Adidas Superstars (Shell Toes) and Stan Smiths would kind make me a hypocrite. I will admit to being kind of an odd ball about a lot of things (I only seek to thrive in my odd ballness.) but you can’t help but wonder from time to time if your likes and dislikes are a little off. So dígame? What are some things that people in your particular demographics do that you just can’t bring yourself to care about?

Vaya con Dios?

*By “Meh” I mean “Meh as f**k!”


8 responses to “I’d Prefer Not To

  1. Princess_Jasmen

    I don’t care about wives be they “house”, “basketball” “football” or whatever!! I do not care what people think BET has done to the Game as I wasn’t watching before … I do not care how other women are wearing their hair be it weaved, relaxed, natural or hot pink. These things seem to get a lot of attention and I’m like …..ehh who cares

    • I agree with most of your list. I assumed that me not giving a damn about those worthless house “people” was implied. The writing on the Game is soooooo… I did like the show but I just DVR it now.

      It’s funny that you mention hair. I’ve seen way too many dudes talking about women’s hair around the net and I still have no idea what a lace front is.

  2. Hmmm. I can agree with most of what you said above…so do what you will with that.
    I care about so many things that mean nothing to anyone. Yet again, there are so many things that I could care less about that I can not name right now….but I know when I encounter them.
    I must say, there is a peacefullness that come with thriving in one’s odd ballness.

  3. Haha… What happened to you sunglasses?

  4. Fantasy football and Madden were a part of my life for a brief period. Then I realized I didn’t care. I love football with all my heart, but I love watching it, discussing it, and physically playing it rather than pretending to manage a team and just virtually playing it.

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