Randon News/Ain’t it Thoughts (Week of February 25, 2011)

Again, for the second time this year I find myself staring at a blank page trying to make something appear via the movement of my fingertips. Honestly, I’ve started four different posts this week and I haven’t finished nary a one.  I’ve got a ton of boo-boo on my brain so it’s been hard filtering it all out. Although this week has presented me with a ton of material, I find it hard to be both random and newsy without just flat out sucking. (Well sucking more than I normally do.)

  1. When it comes to accepting money from the Federal Government many Americans refuse for various reasons. Some say it only encourages over-spending by Washington. Others won’t take the loot because the President and his wife are the wrong color. A few just don’t trust the folks in D.C. to actually do the right thing. Some of the first Americans, the Sioux Nation, are refusing over $1 billion dollars for justifiable reasons: The Sioux are claiming that the act of Congress that removed them from their tribal home is invalid. The Sioux Nation are also dealing with massive impoverishment maintains that they will stand their ground. You see Tea Party, that’s how you maintain your principles.
  2. Libya has begun its download of Freedom Version 6.7.4. (IIIIIIIIIIIII——-) We’ll see if the download get’s completed. Qaddafi or Gaddafi doesn’t quite understand that his people and the world are serious about his departure.  The Swiss have frozen his assets and the Libyan army has reportedly stopped obeying his orders forcing him to hire mercenaries. Dude if you have to resort to using Hessians you’re usually f**ked. Follow everything here.
  3. Qaddafi looks like a cross between someone’s tasteless uncle and the guy from Have Gun Will Travel.
  4. Dwayne McDuffie, one of the more prolific black comic book creators passed away this week at the age of 49. McDuffie’s name may not be as well known as the Stan Lee’s and Jack Kirby’s of the world but if you’ve watched the old WB on Saturday morning or The Cartoon Network at any time you’ve probably seen his work. In the mid-1990’s McDuffie founded Milestone Comics/Media with Denys Cowan, Derek T. Dingle, and Michael Davis. The formation of Milestone resulted from the four believing that minorities were underrepresented in comic books. (I still think they are… Another blog, another time.) Distributed through D.C., Milestone created a batch of characters that existed in a separate universe from the one that the likes of Bruce Wayne and Clark Kent inhabited. (This has always been one of my issues with D.C. I hate the thought of alternate universes and the constant reworking of them.) The Milestone characters inhabited a fictional city called Dakota which was an analogy for McDuffie’s native Detroit. Characters like Icon (Think Superman but black) and Rocket (Rocket would be the Kitty/Jubilee/X-23 to Icon’s Wolverine. Logan sure kept a lot of company with teenage girls considering he’s not R. Kelly.), Static, Hardware, and the Shadow Cabinet have survived to be incorporated into today’s D.C. Universe. Static Shock, a cartoon based on Static ran on the WB for four years and was rather good considering Lil Romeo doing the theme song. McDuffie, along with Bruce Timm also helmed the Cartoon Networks Justice League and Justice League Unlimited cartoons, which ran for several years on the network while incorporating the continuity of previous D.C. based cartoons like WB’s Superman and Batman the Animated Adventures. (Think the Wire and Homicide: Life on The Street being set in the same world.) Dude had his hand in a lot of dope nerd moments in my life and I appreciate him for doing so. Read more about McDuffie here, here, here, and here.
  5. Anybody heard Adele’s new cd yet?
  6. Carmelo Anthony (Sounds like a candy bar doesn’t it?) was finally traded to the Knicks and the NBA is still unwatchable.
  7. I’m still trying to find some adjectives to describe my man Shawn Kemp in the picture above but if you don’t have anything good to say…

So those were my seven shots of bullsh*t. Hopefully I’ll get my head straight and  come back hard next week. I still owe y’all the finally Unknown Black Heroes post so you’ll get that soon. I Promise. Okay, bye!

Vaya con Dios.


8 responses to “Randon News/Ain’t it Thoughts (Week of February 25, 2011)

  1. Nice job! 6.I have to laugh at Carmello’s name sounding like a candy bar because it does. It’ll probably have some caramel in it. Lol!

    5. I have not heard Adele’s new cd, but, now I’m interested. I’m also on a mission to hear Esperanza’s cd as well.

    7. Shawn Kemp kinda looks like a slave in the picture above. A ‘yessir boss I’s gon get’ it type of slave. I guess that wasn’t nice huh?

    • Thanks Sweets. (I personally think this post was mailed in.)

      A Carmelo bar would definitely have caramel in it… No nuts though *shrugging*

      I may pick up Adele’s cd this weekend. I tried listening to Esperanza’s cd on Amazon but jazz doesn’t translate well with snippets. Jazz is so involved so I need to hear it all. It’s probably one of those cds that you just buy and hope for the best. I’ve heard good things about it.

      Shawn looks like a big happy, coke snorting, baby making slave. It’s weird because I remember when this cat was 20 dunking on people every night.

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  3. Gaddafi looks like hes on straight pimp mode. i feel like i drive past him on my way home from school like every day *shrug*

    Carmelo DOES sound like a candy of some sort. GOOMH. ive always thought that. did anyone doubt hed be making his way back to the tri-state area?? i mean really. this is not news, ppl.

    and the NBA is still completely inferior for the sheer fact that its just not exciting to watch until playoff time. and even then…. NFL totally rules in the entertaining world.

    i had NO idea that was Shawn Kemp in that picture. i dont remember him looking that gawd-awful. wowsers. i think i may now have nightmares. thanks for imprinting that on my visual cortex. ass.


    • p.s. at least you’re actually writing and posting. you see that i have had nothing to say and dont even attempt to try and BS. i gots NADA.

    • Gaddafi or Qaddafi (Two spellings, really? No one spells Osama with a “U” anymore. I bet his b**tch stays up at night and cries on his kidney machine in the back of his cave.) dresses horribly considering he’s supposed to be statesmen but wears Korean store chic. At least Amadinajad wears a blazer but no tie.

      How are the Knicks supposed to stop anybody. Ninjas giggle when they drive lane and see Amare and Melo. The NBA is too calculated and overproduced (see the Kia at the dunk contest) but the on the court action doesn’t equal the Associations contrived antics and stunts. Kind of like the WWE but what happens on the court isn’t scripted.

      The Reign Man looks better now. He used to look like Abe Lincoln and Cicely Tyson’s love child. (True story Cicely thought she’d never love again after Thomas Jefferson left her for Sally Hemmings but 40 years later Abe came along and changed that.)

      p.s. I’m writing… Badly… But I’m writing.

  4. The Only Real Outcast

    1. Is Gadaffi one of our hired bad guys?
    2. The NBA doesn’t get good until the conference finals–maybe.
    3. Shawn Kemp looks like he will try to eat you.

    • He’s not one of our villains. Regan hated his guts and bombed his house in 1986, killing one of his sons. We’re still not sure if he had anything to do with the bombing of the airliner in Lockerbee Scotland back in the day either. During W’s administration he got closer to the U.S. because he hates Bin Laden. (Which is a ironic because we invaded Iraq, which had a dictator. Muslim fundamentalists generally don’t like opulent (I has it.) dictator types because they are usually fond of western evils like porn and Mercedes. Obviously W didn’t think (shocker) about this when he tried to tie Saddam to Bin Laden.)

      I didn’t even watch the playoffs last year. Kemp looks like he may just eat you. He’s lurking in the woods behind Gary Payton’s house right now.

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