A Few Thoughts on Egypt

For those of you who are members of the blissfully ignorant, don’t watch the news, or spend your time reading media takeout I’m here to inform your one dimensional selves that there was a little revolution in Egypt that lasted for about three weeks and still isn’t exactly over yet. It’s actually kind of a big deal. Considering the neighborhood, Egypt’s possible move away from a dictatorship was rather bloodless. I’m not going to put on some political science 103 lecture but I’ll give a few thoughts about Egypt’s movement toward freedom and what not.

1. Nobody got beheaded on YouTube. (I think.) Usually when people take to the street in that neighborhood (The Mid-East) ish gets hectic. This time everyone was calm (Mostly) and left all of the heinous acts on YouTube to 50 Tyson.

2. The United States Government did nothing. (And for once that was a good thing.) You see the U.S. Has a pretty sketchy record on intervening on things. On the very topic Winston Churchill once mumbled while he was falling asleep in a pub “The Americans Will Always Do the Right Thing…After They Have Exhausted All the Alternatives.” We usually only act when it benefits us (Oil, fossil fuels) or someone has stepped to us to try to take our cornbread. (See WWII.) Our history in Africa is just jacked. It looks more like South Carolina’s bowl game record. We tucked tail in Somalia, did nothing in Rwanda (Seriously, who let’s a genocide happen? I’m sure the 82nd airborne wasn’t busy that day. Hell, we could’ve sent the Avengers.), sent strongly worded letters to the Sudanese government in Khartoum, and sent the Marines to Liberia a few times.

The President and all of his men just let our man in Cairo get kicked out. He’s on our payroll, he’s a d**k, he’s a dictator, and he’s old. For once we practiced what we preached and let a group of people determine their future although I’m pretty sure the offer of American scrilla will be made to ensure a nice neat democracy will be set up. Sometimes doing nothing is the best course of action.

***I also hope we execute patience with the burgeoning democracies in the Mid-East. It honestly takes awhile. We had a little dust up in our early days too. ***

3. With the recent events of Tunisia and Egypt maybe a wave of middle-eastern freedom movements may just continue a la the Eastern Bloc in the 1990’s. (Let’s just hope that the United Nations or somebody just seals off those nasty power vacuums.)

4. Cheaper gas?!?! Who knows more stable nations in the mid-East may do wonders to your wallet when you’re filling up at the Sunoco. More money for cherry Ices, yet!!!

5. Can we make Hosni Mubarak pay his back income taxes? This ninja is estimated to have more $2 billion somewhere because he pocketed a lot of that aforementioned America scrilla. Audit his a**!

6. Please stop with the “Why don’t Americans riot?” comments. Dude your life in Brooklyn, L.A., or your dorm room at Hillman may suck but calm your wannabe revolutionary a** down. That iPod, those ugly Nike dunks you have, and that PS3 are symbols of your freedom. Folks in Egypt don’t have any of that. So A) Thank your lucky stars that you are as blessed as you are. B) If you want to start movements go mentor some kids, adopt a neighborhood, or volunteer your time to some other altruistic cause.

7. Democracy is fantastic but democracy does not equal sane. The folks in Egypt could very well elect a group of nuts into office in September. Hell, we did it last November. I do think that they’ve been down so long that they will make sound decisions.

8. Israel should have come out and publically supported the pro-democracy movement in Egypt. Considering they have a treaty with and share a border a shoulder to lean on may be a good thing. Here’s a list of potential winners, losers, and meh types in the whole situation.

9. Egypt’s army seemed to have stepped up during the mess but the public should still keep an eye on them. After promising a six-month transition period they still have a lot of work to do.

10. Miss Moneypenny asked a good question coming from a black and American perspective: Are Egyptians going to have cookouts every year on February 11th?

11. Will we stop putting despotic maniacs on the American payroll just because they happen to hate who we hate? We did it in South Africa, Argentina, various spots in Central America, and lord knows where else can we just keep our reliance on dirt bags to a bare minimum? Besides dirt bags cost too much.

Just my two cents. Vaya con Dios.


12 responses to “A Few Thoughts on Egypt

  1. Great post! They were all excellent points but #6 made me cheer and #10 made me laugh 🙂

  2. “He’s on our payroll, he’s a d**k, he’s a dictator, and he’s old. ”


    Great post!

  3. @MsEsquire77 hey lady! I still need to post our pictures from the DC VSB day. Just wanted to say hi to you too 🙂

  4. Nice breakdown Wu! I always appreciate your commentary.

  5. The Only Real Outcast

    I saw something about Algeria getting on the Freedom Train too … have you heard anything?

  6. I am so tired of hearing about the Middle East. Not because of the shine that they are getting, but becuase of the reporting. I had to turn from CNN today becuase the keep covering/talking about these reporters that are getting abused/attacked over there. Now, I ain’t no reporter, and I am not a political scientist, but I know that we are not the most favored people in the world. And I also know that the middle of a protest is probably not the best place to hang out if you are, how do I say, not tanned. Risky jobs have risks… Don’t get me wrong, I feel sorry for anyone that has suffered over there in this mess…especially the locals.

    • Yeah reporters should be careful vut historically the press has been hands off. Beatings and sexual assaults are a little much. Anderson Cooper got hit but Laura Logan was put in the hospital. In her case is may have been a lack of respect for women too. I’m hesitant to speculate on that.

    • Yeah reporters should be careful but historically the press has been hands off. Beatings and sexual assaults are a little much. Anderson Cooper got hit but Laura Logan was put in the hospital. In her case is may have been a lack of respect for women too. I’m hesitant to speculate on that.

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