Random News/Ain’t it Thoughts (Week of February 4th, 2010)

It’s been a pretty good week. I actually got two good nights sleep and my neighbors have been relatively quiet for two animals in heat. (Who knows what Saturday night will bring?  I just hope not to be there Saturday night.) I’m actually excited about watching the Super Bowl there year, although the Raiders, once again didn’t get anywhere near the big game. So without further adieu here are this weeks Random News/ Ain’t it Thoughts selections.

  1. This past Wednesday was national signing day for America’s future college football demigods. I’m over it. My Tide did well and the Gamecocks signed a lot of talented players but the 10 hrs of coverage for entitled 17 yr-olds is just a little too much.  Why is it “okay” for a brat to go on TV and hold schools hostage while he makes a choice about where he’s going to play yet everyone passes a stone when Delroy Lindo’s son does the same thing and decides to “Take his talents to South Beach.”? After all of this hoopla we have the nerve to wonder why some act like complete idiots when their bank accounts swell.
  2. It looks like “Our Man in Cairo” Hosni Mubarak’s time is short. America long-standing habit of supporting scum bags that support our ideas or hate our enemies will probably continue. We’ve done it with some bad guys and had no issues with leaving the money on the counter in the morning. Foreign Policy put together a list of America’s Other Embarrassing Allies who could probably stand a little revolution. Yes, W is holding the Saudi Arabian guy’s hand and yes the guy in the picture from Ethiopia does look like he’s Jeffrey Wright’s cousin. I do find it interesting that Vietnam is on the list of “allies” considering that little misunderstanding we had with them a while back.
  3. Here are some other world leaders who can’t be happy with all of this freedom sh*t going on. (If Samuel Adams made malt liquor instead of beer he probably would have called it Freedom Sh*t. I can see Thomas Jefferson sneaking off to the slave cabins to see Sally and the kids and taking a six-pack of Freedom Sh*t with him. Freedom sh*t, it works every time.) Peep Muammar al-Qaddafi’s out fit. It looks like something your tacky uncle would wear to a cook out or an African-American History Month program.
  4. Anyone know where I can get a good, cheap mattress? If such a thing exists.
  5. I complain a lot about things wrong in America but I can honestly say I’ve never been caught up in a riot of this scale. Or any riot for that matter.
  6. What’s going on in college basketball? I’ve only been paying attention to the College of Charleston and North Carolina. Are there any truly good squads now or does everyone kind of suck?
  7. Because I love Muppets so much, this blog from made my day. I never knew the true story behind Dr. Teeth and Electric Mayhem. Here is some more Muppet goodness for the hell of it.
  8. GQ magazine put out a list of the 25 Coolest Athletes of All Time. (By “All Time” they mean since the magazine was founded in 1957.) Naturally, Joseph Willie Namath is number one on the list (Roll Tide!) but how in the hell did Tom Brady make this list? All Time Great? Yes. Coolest? No! (I’m a hater.)
  9. The White Strips are done! I always liked these two weirdoes but I could never figure out if Jack and Meg White were brother and sister, husband and wife, or ex husband and ex wife. I’ll listen to “Seven Nation Army”, “Icky Thump”, and “Fell In Love With a Girl” for the good times today.
  10. Jacque, Jacque, Jacque, Jacque!!!! I agree with Jacque Reid when she says that Saturday Night Live’s Bride of Blackenstein skit with Nicki Minaj was not offensive. I thought it was kind of funny at times. Honestly, this is the second most amusing thing Nicki Minaj has ever done. “Do The Creep” with the cats from The Lonely Island was much funnier.
  11. I actually saw my man Harry, the other day. He’s doing well thankfully.
  12. For those of you who haven’t check out my guest post at the Average Bro’s site.
  13. Finally, I’d like to wish Ms. Moneypenny a Happy Birthday! I hope you enjoy this one as much as you have enjoyed the rest! I love you Baby!

I’m going find a hole to crawl into a hole with a six pack of Freedom Sh*t, and stare into space. I’ve got some things between my ears I need to work on.

Have a good weekend and Vaya con Dios.


8 responses to “Random News/Ain’t it Thoughts (Week of February 4th, 2010)

  1. The Only Real Outcast

    LeBron never got the chance to get recruited out of high school, so “The Decision” was his Signing Day….I’m suprised more hasn’t been made of that. Didn’t realize Uncle Sam was in the bed with so many bad guys; man we shady! Thanks again for the history lesson. Happy Birthday Moneypenny!

    • That’s true about LBJ but that press conference was a little much. Waiting 59 min and 55 seconds to say it wasn’t needed. The good thing was that he raised money for kids.

      The old school dirt bags that Uncle Sam used to deal with may be worse than today’s set. Take a good guess why Haiti is so effed up?

      • The Only Real Outcast

        I agree–bad move to make The Decision an hour-long special. Call a press conference, state your decision, answer questions. That thing became a PR nightmare.
        …By the way, maybe LeBron should stop trying to be “I’m not a bad guy and I want to take back my tweets” LeBron and just become a full-fledged villian…It worked for Hulk Hogan…

  2. There is no good cheap mattress from my history of buying them. I am on #3. Don’t ask why…circumstances caused the replacement of bedding.
    Now I must do a search so that I can find this SNL skit.

  3. It just sounds bad but my old mattresses are still floating around out there somewhere. Oh…I know that when you get to a certain point in your reign, you may not want dressing tips from anyone (guess that shows weakness). However, Qaddafi needs to consult with his nearest female family member before making appearances. It looks like his mom needed to make him an outfit for tomorrows black history program at church….ran out of time and material, so found an old leather coat and a brown dress and made it work.

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