Random News/Ain’t it Thoughts (Week of January 28th, 2011)

I’m trying to hit my stride again so this may be kind of a janky read. Not really a busy week. It’s been all football, Tunisia, and State of the Union. A new face of crazy introduced herself to the world on Tuesday night also. (People talk trash about the southeast and southwestern portions of the country but it’s the folks in the middle of the map who scare me.) Anyway, here it goes:


  1. I just had my own personal, “Sputnik Moment”. Feel free to be afraid, look on with reverie, or turn your heads in shame. It’s your call.
  2. A Middle-Eastern nation, Tunisia, is conducting a democracy movement without any right-wing crazy. See Iran, it’s really not that hard. (The folks in Tunisia didn’t even resort to shooting school girls either.) Hell Egypt is even trying it.
  3. During Tuesday’s State of the Union Address Soul Brother Number 1 spoke of America becoming great again and moving forward. Honestly, we won’t go anywhere until we get rid of the “Not my job!” mindset that has entrenched itself into the mind of many of the nation’s workers. I can guarantee that many of you have one, if not many “Not my jobbers” as coworkers. This is your chance to call ‘em out. Just kidding. Seriously, that mindset has to go.
  4. I just got an e-mail offering me 20% off the cover price of “Organic Gardening Magazine”. Can’t wait!
  5. This article from looks into the lack of social commentary in today’s comic books. I actually think their kind of correct. Marvel’s used to serve as an allegory to the struggle for Civil Rights for America’s oppressed but those days are gone. Wolverine, Storm, and The Black Panther dealt with horrors of child soldiers in the past. Then there is the most poignant panel in comic book history where the Green Lantern gets called out on his lack of heroism to certain people. (Shout out to wallruss at Black Superhero Fan.)
  6. I read a comment the other day that referred to Michele Bachmann (R, Minnesota) as “Sarah Palin light”. I think we have that in backwards. This woman is going to be a problem for someone. (I think more so the Republicans more than anyone else. They can’t be happy that she felt the need to give a separate speech after Obama’s and the “official” Republican response from Paul Ryan (R, Wisconsin).
  7. Did the Titan’s seriously let Jeff Fisher go? They picked Vince Young (no relation) over a good coach, when good coaching is at a premium… and the 2012 AFC South Championship goes to the Indianapolis Colts.
  8. If a sequel to “American Gangster” was ever made I want it to be about Rahm Emanuel. If I had to pick two Americans who probably committed a heinous crime but hasn’t been caught it would be Emanuel and James Harrison.
  9. Fellow South Carolinians, please do your best not to let this happen.
  10. The entire nation should’ve banded together to stop Flavor Flav from doing this. I love chicken but I couldn’t bring myself to enjoy a meal of succulent, yard bird while I’m thinking about Flavor Flav. Have Flavor’s actions over the last few years nullified anything that Public Enemy ever said on record?
  11. Cam Newton’s dad, the good and decent Bishop Cecil Newton, Sr. should stop. Just take a step back from handling his son’s NFL career.
  12. Twenty-five years ago today, I still remember what I was doing when this happened. I can recall seeing the Challenger explode. It was a few minutes after recess. I was in the first grade in Mrs. Kinsey’s class and I’ve never seen a teacher outside of P.E. or JROTC (Sgt. Major Harry E. Polk was a freak of nature.) move that fast in my life. Up until this point I remember every NASA launch was broadcast on television. That changed very quickly.


Everyone have a good weekend and stay out of the street.

Vaya con Dios.


One response to “Random News/Ain’t it Thoughts (Week of January 28th, 2011)

  1. Pollypureheart

    Public Enemy was more than just about Flava so no his cooneryfest don’t negate anything from the rest of them.

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