All Blogged up and nowhere to go.

This is my first post in about two weeks. Why? It is mostly because I have writer’s block like a son of a b**ch! I don’t know what’s wrong so I’ll do my best to come up with something that passes as readable. (As if anything that I write passes for readable anyway.)

The world has been a busy place since my last post so I’m just going to pontificate about a few things that have been on my radar since then. I’ll try to keep this as painless as possible and maybe I’ll get my mojo back in the process. So until I figure out where the disconnect between my brain and my fingertips are I’ll just blame Alvin Greene for causing my writer’s blockage.

So once more, I’ll head into the breach, dear friends, once more:

Thoughts on the NFC and AFC Championship games.

  • Honestly, I hate watching cold weather football. It’s slow, sloppy, and at times it appears unorganized. (I guess this is why I think the Big Ten is for sh*t.) Considering this both of last Sunday’s games were okay. Not great, just okay. I’m actually happy the Packers and Steelers made it to the Super Bowl. They are actually two of the only teams, outside of Oakland that I actually care about.
  • Is Ben Roethlisberger about to pull a Ray Lewis and reform his image? He was facing a felony a few month’s ago now he’s a game away from winning his third championship. If he does win I wonder what the reaction would be.
  • I’m glad the Jets lost. I just couldn’t stomach another two weeks of the King of Queens, Rex Ryan running his mouth.
  • I hate the idea of a running quarterback. (I view a quarterback who can run much in the same way I view catchers in baseball who can run. It’s a nice skill to have but it’s far from necessary.) If I were a coach I would attach a remote control taser to the pads of each of my qb. If they take off running on a play that either A.) Busted to hell and he has no other choice or B.) A designed run. I just cringe when I see any qb take off running no matter who he is or what race he is.
  • Former football players should tone down the rhetoric. The Bears quarterback, Jay Cutler left the NFC Championship game on Sunday with a knee injury. He tried to throw and short-hopped a simply pass on a six-yard out. After leaving the game Cutler stood on the sidelines with the body language of well, Jay Cutler. He wasn’t on some rah, rah, Tim Tebow ish, he just stood their being his normal aloof self. Tweets from every former NFL player who ever picked up a self phone were released criticizing Cutler for not staying in the game. I’m sure him short-hopping passes all afternoon would have really helped the Bears out a lot. Dude straps it on every week to play behind a line that is only comparable to the Maginot Line in its lack of usefulness (He was sacked nearly 60 times this year.), has diabetes, and has no receivers. I would say he was pretty tough.
  • Deon Sanders has no right to criticize any player on he acts in reference to his team. Deon for all of his talent was a mercenary for the bulk of his career so he should tone down the gutless and lack of team work talk.

Thoughts on the State of the Union Speech:

  • It was an okay speech and not a bad follow-up to the Tucson oration but again not the Sermon on the Mount. 
  • I actually listened to the speech on NPR while I was playing video games and I must admit that speeches are much more poignant without the visuals of every smirking or grinning member of the Legislative Branch.
  • I saw a clip of Michelle Bachmann’s response. She came off a kind of robotic. A very dumb robot but still non-human. She strikes me as the type of person who tells their children that babies come from storks or the cabbage patch. This could be a long shot but I bet she thinks dinosaurs and people co-existed on the Earth at the same time too.
  • I have a little hope for the direction of the nation but I’m still not convinced that the “good feelings” of the last two weeks will last. Some folks just don’t want to be happy. Hell, some don’t even like to be context. It’s just not in them.
  • We’re still better than France.

Thoughts on Baby Doc/Haiti:

  • Former Haitian despot Jean-Claude “Baby Doc” Duvalier returned to the land the he and his Francois “Papa Doc” Duvaler actually made worse on the 16th of January.** I’m not sure why he thought he would just slip into Port au Prince.
  • As an outsider I think this is the last thing the Haitian people need.
  • I honestly, think that the Organization of American States (OAS) should prop up Haiti even more. I just don’t know if the OAS can sustain such a long term project. One nation can only endure so many punches to the face before it collapses.

Thoughts on random things:

  • Tuesday night may just be the best night for television. It is the one night out of the week that I actually watch something in every prime time slot. The Game is getting worse by the episode however.
  • Jack Lalanne, America’s first fitness guru died at the age of 96. I guess all of those push-ups and juicing worked.
  • After seeing Russell Simmons on Real-Time with Bill Maher, I still think he’s full of it.*

Again, folks I apologize for the levels of suckitude that were put forth in this post. I’m just trying to motivate myself and get rid of the mess in my head. (Still don’t know what’s up with that.)

Vaya con Dios!

*”It” can be whatever you like it to be.

**Haiti was in bad shape before the Duvalier’s regime but they managed to somehow make things worse. Pure-d-evil perhaps?


6 responses to “All Blogged up and nowhere to go.

  1. Princess_Jasmen

    Glad you’re back!

  2. It’s good to see you’re getting through this writer’s block baby. It happens and it will pass.

    Now I have something to read during my breaks that will actually take my mind off the nonsense.

  3. i thought about writing a post similar to this one–random thoughts on week’s events. but yeah, im not even in the mood or mind set to do that! *throws hands up* i might as well hang up my blogging hat, i am failing right now.

    i feel you on the Jay Cutler thing. it was kinda funny at first to make little jokes. but when you really think about it–a players health should be a priority. if i was still writing recaps, i wouldnt have gone in on Jay for that. being a douche? yes. being a weird lookin dude? yes. being injured and not playing? nah.

    The Game is totally getting worse!! i mean, it wasnt an award-winning show to begin with, but this season is just one train wreck after another *smdh*

    • Cutlergate wasn’t wanted or needed. I think it comes down to most people just not liking Cutler. I just heard Stink Schlereth on ESPN saying that “If that’s his demeanor, then he should change it.” Really?

      Who are the writers for The Game? There are some countries where they would be lined-up against a wall and shot.

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