A few thoughts on Tucson.

I’m not going to do a recap of Saturday’s shooting of Representative Gabrielle Gifford (D, Arizona) because it has been all over the news since it happened. Do catch up on it. I think it is a really important moment in our current history.

I’ll keep my signifying at a minimal level but three days removed I’ve got a few thoughts about the situation and surrounding situations in Tucson. Here are my thoughts:

Watch what you say.

In the words of Guru and Chaka Khan, “Watch what you’re saying because someone gonna hear exactly what you say.”

A couple of years ago I received a text from the fetching Miss Moneypenny saying that that two of her female agents started laying hands at the job. I could tell by her use of her QWERTY skills that she was quite vexed about the situation. (This makes sense because normal folks don’t expect to see fights at work. Unless you’re a gladiator or a bouncer.) When I asked why they were fighting she quoted one of the belligerents as saying “She say stuff…”

We have no idea what Loughner’s motives or inspirations were so I won’t pin what he did on anyone or any group. My point is that “Saying stuff” has consequences. It doesn’t matter if you’re arguing with your wife or hosting a radio show. The receiver of the message may on hear what they want to hear.

-I have a right to bear arms.

I also have a right not to get shot buying beer and salsa-flavored pork skins at the local Piggly Wiggly. Shooting is an enjoyable hobby. For some so is hunting. There is no need to shoot anyone at a grocery store with a suped-up hand gun.*

-I have no problem discriminating. (This piggy-backs off of my last point.)

There are night clubs that you can’t get into if you don’t have “the look”. I have no problem refusing service at the gun counter to a guy who looks like this. I’m not sure if hindsight has colored my perception of Loughner’s looks, but he looks nuts. His eyes look like two mix-matched steelys. **

-America should reevaluate the state of its mental health care system.

There’s way too many homicidal types acting out and hurting others. From the looks of Loughner he has severe mental issues that may or may not have been ignored by those around him. *** Like I said above, dude just looks nuts.****

Like I said these were brief and I purposely didn’t get into the situation any deeper because there are absolutely too many thoughts floating around on the topic at the moment. What did y’all take away from this? I’m asking for issues dealing with the core and the periphery of the topic.

Vaya con Dios.

*I have no issues with guns but I do have issues on what they are used for. Hand guns are only designed for one purpose only. To kill human beings. I can break why that is down for you if you want to argue about it. Yes, you can kill an animal with a .22 pistol but that’s not what is best used for. I could use an atom bomb to demolish an abandoned building also but that’s not what its best suited for.

**Those are marbles for those of you who don’t know. Hell, the only way I knew that is because I remember Rickey Steamboat telling Cactus Jack that his eyes looked like two steelys on wrestling when I was little. 

***Yes, that was a generalization. I usually refrain from those but oh well.

****On the Gary Busey Institute of Mental Health Scale of Insane, Loughner looks like an eleven. (On the scale one is based on the standard one to ten scale. Gary Busey is ten on the scale, a sh*t-house rat is a five, and any random crazy high school gym teacher is a one. Also on the scale Mike Tyson appears twice. Normal, everyday Mike Tyson is four while, coked up Mike Tyson is nine.) I actually think this is more accurate than anything you would find in the DSM-IV. I’m only making light of mental illness in jest.


10 responses to “A few thoughts on Tucson.

  1. I think you should be required to take a mental health examination before purchasing a gun. I did a workshop on this yesterday w/ high school students. Shockingly many of them didn’t think this was an act of terrorism…and they used dude’s mental health issues as an excuse.

    If you ask me, we’re all a little crazy. But that doesn’t mean you can get away w/ offing people in a Safeway. And lets not ignore the level of intelligence present for him to plan such an act.

    • I’m all for taking some kind of an examination before buying a gun. State’s rights/small government types always scream about the tenth amendment well perhaps they should utilize is and create an exam or license to be armed. I do think my man is crazy but I still think this is terrorism. Tim McVeigh was daffy too but like you said he had the mental ability to plan and act.

    • “Shockingly many of them didn’t think this was an act of terrorism…and they used dude’s mental health issues as an excuse.”

      The definition of “terrorism” has been morphed into a soundbite/talking point. I’m not surprised people don’t know what it is.

      • YES! Even after I gave them a definition, they still didn’t think it was terrorism. The conversation was quite interesting to say the least. Eventually some of them defined it as an act of terrorism. But many of them felt Jared just attmepted to kill a congress woman. No real regard for the others lives.

        • @LaLa @TDA

          There are tons of acts throughout American history that should or could be labeled as terrorist but aren’t. The Boston Tea Party was a terrorist act to the English. John Brown and Bleeding Kansas. John Brown and the attempt to overtake a Federal Arsenal at Harper Ferry, VA for the purpose of starting a slave insurrection is a terrorist act. The entire existance of the KKK is American terrorism at its worst. Loughner’s action are no different especially if he had politcal motives.

          I’m glad some your students saw the light. What you said about “No real regard for the others lives.” is a major part of terrorism for me. Most terrorist I can think of had no issues with collateral damage.

  2. A refreshing take on Tuczon rampage. Good one.

  3. Love the Gary Busey Insane scale…lol when I saw this kat’s mugshot I said outloud “dayum!!” Dude scared me in his picture, could only imagine his demeanor in real life. Scary ish. Great take on it.

    • Busey has been doing bat-sh*t crazy in public better than most for a long time. I bet right now he’s in a basement wearing a burlap sack as a loin cloth and laughing at jokes he’s telling himself saying “Good one brother!” On the crazy scale Mel Gibson is just a pretender.

      Loughner just looks crazy. All of the people who know him are saying that he even gave off that “crazy” vibe.

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