Random News/Ain’t it Thoughts (Week of October 22nd, 2010)

Oddly enough his vodka will kill you faster than his rifle.

It’s been a bad week for me and machines so here’s hoping this post goes well. Football’s a blood sport, my sinuses are being fickle, and I’m always sleepy. So take from that last sentence what you will and enjoy.

  1. There are millions of AK-47’s floating around the globe. I wonder if Mikhail Kalashnikov had any idea what he was starting? Could you imagine if he lived in a capitalist company how rich he would be?
  2. Shout out to my man Toro and Mrs. Toro on expecting their second child. The Simpson tribe is growing.
  3. The NFL and football in general had a really bad weekend. After a rash of brutal hits (Which last time I checked was the cost of doing business.) has left issues like fines and helmet safety on  the table for the game at every level. Has the lack of teaching proper technique when it comes to tackling and other fundamentals caught up with America’s true game? Or is this the case of violent men doing violent things. If I ever have kids I’m going to teach them how to throw a back door sliders (Back Door Sliders sounds like a porno don’t it?)  so they won’t to worry about this.
  4. I never got the chance to see The Expendables this summer but I still think that Clint Eastwood and Jim Brown should’ve had cameos in it.
  5. Jon Stewart went to CNN’s house recently and didn’t bother wiping his feet on the rug. I have to agree with him too. CNN should be the new network that sane people should watch in lieu of MSNBC and Fox News. There aren’t enough good shows and too much wasted opportunity after 8:00.  Stick to the news and don’t get into affirming the beliefs of  those who watch. Just give the facts but make it interesting.
  6. My vodka and tonic game is proper and yours isn’t.
  7. It’s almost Halloween and every year I keep thinking to myself that they just don’t make good horror movies anymore. Who are the scariest monsters/things you can think of? Besides Ray Lewis,  Friday the 13th Part II scared me sh**less, and I just couldn’t watch Aliens when I was little. I do find all of this odd now considering all of the foolishness I watch now and don’t blink.
  8. I reserve the right to add more to this blog after it’s published.
  9. Uncle Ron loves you.
  10. Stay off the ****ing flowers.

Have a good weekend and  Vaya con Dios


4 responses to “Random News/Ain’t it Thoughts (Week of October 22nd, 2010)

  1. Wow! Another one already. Get it Toro! Back Door slider does sound like a porno and your vodka and tonic game is very proper.

  2. thanks for hipping me to the Larry King show w. Jon Stewart. had no idea! thats because i watch CNN much less now days (Jon’s right) *smh*

    and Ray Lewis scares me as well. as does James Harrison’s glare.


    • Thanks for reading gemmie.

      Stewart is right. I actually think the bulk of the 330 mil people in the country are sane and just want the facts. (I could be wrong about that. I tend to be wrong a lot.) CNN wastes their time will bull like last night. Soledad is my girl and all but please stop telling black and brown folk what our issues are. The bulk of the nation is over extended finacially so of course “We” are in worse shape. (America/cold Blacks/flu.) I get it, we’re lagging behind in the race with the rest of the nation but for once tell us about a good thing a black person did. I don’t need some sanguine, over the top Tyler Perry-esque ending but there has to be a positive story out there. ) *getting off soap box*

      Ray is nuts and I think James just doesn’t think before he speaks. Isn’t he the guy who said Obama should’ve invited the Steelers to the White House before the won the Super Bowl?

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