Random News/Ain’t it Thoughts (Week of October 15th, 2010): Bald cats are just better than you!


I’m so effing glad it’s Friday. I would Dougie if I knew what that meant. Hopefully the Tide will rebound, the Gamecocks will endeavor to persevere, and the Raiders will continue to improve. I’m mired in trade show hell right now so if God’s willing I’ll make it until 5:00, but until then it’s business time.

  1. Bald guys rock… just face it. You don’t have to like it.
  2. This is some real ish right here. Imagine if you coworkers just kept getting injured or killed at work. Even the nosy receptionist.
  3. This is a little bigger than water guns but I think Lonnie Johnson may be an injection of fresh air into the eco-friendly debate.
  4. I won’t pretend to know what being trapped in a Chilean mine shaft for over two months is like but I would never go inside of a closet or turn my lights out again. I would also take a two hour long shower, followed by a three hour bath, and the constant free-basing of breath mints.
  5. I actually liked the last Superman movie (You know the one where Lois was bumping uglies with Supes, got knocked-up and didn’t bother to ask Kal-el his real name. That’s some ho shit Lois.) but I guess the rest of the world didn’t. The Atlantic and Esquire both have articles about how to revive the franchise and who should play whom in Metropolis.
  6. Last year the film, The Blind Side detailed Baltimore Raven’s offensive lineman Michael Oher’s rough teenage years and his adoption by the Leigh Anne Toughy and her family. This Slate article tells how Oher’s story as told by Michael Lewis isn’t all that uncommon in the NFL. San Francisco 49er Patrick Willis (Who may be the best linebacker in the league.), one time Tennessee Titan Todd Williams both share similar stories to that of Michael Oher.
  7. I haven’t watched the BET Awards yet but I heard that the ciphers were dope. I find it ironic that BET only pretends to care about that real rapidity rap ish once a year.
  8. Check out this series of stories about issues facing our women in uniform.
  9. If Josh Hamilton and Michael Vick were to ever meet, I would love to be a fly on the  wall.
  10. Beast from the East call me king of the jungle.

Toddles mu’fugahs.

Vaya con Dios.


2 responses to “Random News/Ain’t it Thoughts (Week of October 15th, 2010): Bald cats are just better than you!

  1. I’m so done w/ you and your number 4. The free basing on mints comment almost caused me a death of suffocation by falefal and pita bread.

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