Ain’t it thoughts/Random News (Week of September, 25th 2010)

He's a hater and so am I!


I can’t believe it’s almost October. Since I missed my self-imposed deadline for posting this I’ll keep it short. 

  1. Due to the upcoming zombie apocalypse which weapon should I use for close combat? Should I go with a tomahawk, an e-tool pull a Naomie Harris via 28 Days Later and use a machete?
  2. Is this what happens when the so called “Good guys” start behaving like the “bad guys”? What I can tell you that this type of behavior won’t win many friends.
  3. I’m not going to touch Bishop Eddie Long. Pause.
  4. After further review I’ve decided that I want steroids back in the MLB. If not steroids I can take players being on any of the following: HGH, Mutant growth hormone, The Super Soldier Serum, the Infinity Formula, or even vampire blood. Watching no-hitters just suck. (Not as much as riding on the train with no dough.)
  5. I’m glad D’Angelo is back sorta, but I don’t know what to make of “Glass Mountain Trust“. I like D’Angelo, and I like Mark Ronson but I’m still thinking on this one.
  6. Somalia… Yep, it’s even more f**ked up.
  7. Here’s a review of some of the worlds most famous mustaches. Sadly, no Eddie Murray, Ned Flanders, or Buzz Killington. ***Side Note 1*** It’s kind of weird how much Saddam Hussein looks like Joe Stalin.
  8. Upon further review: I watched the tribute to Prince Rogers Nelson on July’s BET Awards last night and realized that every single tribute sucked. ***Side Note 2*** Moneypenny, sorry about asking “Baby, what in the world are you watching?” in such a haughty tone of disgust.
  9. What was it exactly about Lyfe Jennings that made people take his music as sage advice? That’s like taking advice from Maino. I missed something. Btw that song “Statistics” makes no damn sense.
  10. I’m a hater. There I said it.


Roll Tide, Go Cocks, and enjoy your weekend. 

Vaya con Dios.


4 responses to “Ain’t it thoughts/Random News (Week of September, 25th 2010)

  1. 1) Tomahawks. Hot. Gets the job done. Promotes arm strength. Leave the guns to the girls 😉
    2) And people wonder why I’m a sypathizer…
    3) I can, cause apparently I’m safe. It’s such a shame…in a funny ironic, wait-til-they-see-your-hot-ass-in-prison sort of way.
    4) I’m kind of off on my sports right now. It’s all about balls and running back and forth…
    5) I’ll be the first to admit Brown Sugar was the sh*t but… I don’t think he can top it. Or even come close.
    6) The end is near when even the French men have had enough.
    7) …I’ve no words. lol
    8) You could see it on his face too. His Purple Majesty just wanted to ease out one of those side exit doors and never return.
    9) I have never and probably will never like or understand Lyfe Jennings. And if I say it in public I gets the major “Are you really black?” side-eye.
    10) Hate on hater 😛

  2. Everything you need for a zombie Apocalypse can be found here:

    I like the Ronson/D’Angelo collabo.

    The Janelle Monae Prince tribute was solid. I watched the whole show expecting Prince to eventually perform like The O-Jays did the year before…I was bitterly disappointed.

  3. HR Purpleness’s expressions made that whole tribute.

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