What are you gonna watch? (My fall TV preview.)


One of the worst kept secrets about me is that I watch too much television. I think I’ve written about my love affair with the boob tube in the past but I’m not sure. Sadly enough I’m kind of looking forward that new shows will start airing this week.            

During the summer months TV just isn’t as interesting as it is during the fall and spring. For the most part summer TV is a combo of re-runs and baseball (kind of missing the roids) so I spent the bulk of the summer reading. I generally don’t watch reality TV because the bulk of it involves people acting horribly towards one another so I just say no to it. Honestly, I can stand on any Charleston street corner and see the same behavior. There’s that and I can only watch orange-skinned baboons for so long.            

A lot of things have changed this year TV wise. An old favorite Lost is done. I’m divorcing Grey’s Anatomy because I hate the two main characters and a hospital in a town full of coffee swigging hippies can only have but so many disasters. A show that I liked is coming back on a new network, The Game, (If you call BET a network.) after a year of being in black television limbo. Summer mainstays, like True Blood, Mad Men, Royal Pains, Covert Affairs, and Burn Notice are in hiatus until the spring and summer so I’ve got to sift through some new shows to see what’s worth my DVR’s memory and my time. I’ve done some research and I’ve got some picks that I’ll watch at least three times to see if they make the cut.         

                                                                           Undercovers (NBC)  Weds at 8:00 Starring: Boris Kodjoe , Gugu Mbatha-Raw , and Major Dad star in as two married spooks (no pun intended) who left the CIA to start their own catering business in Los Angeles. Through what I’m guessing is a predictable plot-twist our heroes will get pulled back into their former professions whether they want to be or not.            

I’m actually excited because NBC who almost lost me after cancelling Life, and Southland (Which was saved by TNT) has taken a risk by having a prime time show starring two black actors who are actually married. I’ll give the peacock their props on this one.            

From what I’ve seen from the previews this is a more light-hearted version of Mr. and Mrs. Smith, but they actually admitted they loved each other before the gun fire started.            

Think of it a hot black people saving the world and honestly I was looking for a reason to type Gugu Mbatha-Raw.        

 The Event (NBC) Mondays at 9:00 Starring: Blair Underwood, Jason Ritter, and The Creepy guy who played the Magister on True Blood.           

It’s a Negro President Charlie Brown!!! (Which is actually the working title of Tyler Perry’s Barack Obama biopic.) Here’s the long and the short of it. The POTUS, Elias Martinez (Blair Underwood) survives an attempt at getting the Franz-Ferdinand treatment while another character Sean Walker (Jason Ritter) begins a search for his missing boo (snatchin your people up). Both instances lead to the discover of some shady dealings by good folks in Langley, VA and an entire chain of events are set into motion that promises the views some Lost like conspiracy/what the hell? action.           

First of all this already looks better than Heroes, Two and a Half Men has been funny lately, the Big Bang Theory is moving to Thursday so I’m in.            

NBC is really pushing the good looking black person angle this year aren’t they?      

Outsourced (NBC) Thursdays at 9:30 Starring: Diedrich Bader (The Drew Carey Show, Batman: The Brave & The Bold) and bunch of people I’ve never even heard of. I’m guessing this might be kind of funny, you know in the way that Germans are funny, but as soon as you realize how stupid out sourcing is and your last run-in with a Sprint customer service rep named “Steve” you only get upset and want to break your television. Here’s hoping for a Bollywood dance off in the middle of the show.      

Boardwalk Empire (HBO) Sundays at 9:00 Starring: Steve Buscemi, Michael K. Williams         

The people at HBO are smarter than you think. They obviously asked themselves what do Americans love more than Vampires and redneck bar maids and came up with gangsters. Boardwalk Empire is set in 1920 Atlantic City just as the dumbest law in American history (Prohibition) is passed. (How are you going to look a man in the eye after he spent the last six and a half days walking behind a mule and tell him he can’t have a beer?) Produced and directed by Martin Scorsese Steve Buscemi stars as the Manager of Atlantic City, Enoch “Nucky” Thompson who walks a fine line between corruption and political brilliance that would make even the grimiest politicians Chicago ever had to offer envious. Proving that there may be such a thing as a halfway crook, Thompson literally has his hands in everyone’s pocket but does not hesitate to share the wealth. Because of the shortsightedness of the temperance movement giggle water has become illegal so Nucky does what he does best and begins a bootlegging operation that will involve soon to be famous gangsters like Al Capone and Arnold Rothstein.            

I’m going to give this a try although I’m not a fan of the old school mob genre. Hell, I’ve never seen any of the God Father movies.    Since I DVR’ed this sucker last night I’ll let y’all know what I think later on.       

No Ordinary Family (ABC) Tuesdays at 8:00 Starring: Michael Chiklis, Romany Malco, and Julie Benz         

While on a flight to South America weird things happened to the Powell family. Really weird things and soon the realize that they have been blessed/cursed/bestowed with “abilities” that allow them to do things that the average family cannot.           

I can’t say that I’m excited to watch this because I’ve seen it before when it was called the Fantastic Four. Chiklis portrayed Ben Grimm in the horrible film adaptations of the Fantastic Four and was the sole bright spot. I’m just hoping that after the whole “Some trippy sh*t happened to us while we were on a plane” motif passed they’ll go in a completely different direction than the Fantastic Four and even the Incredibles.            

Television doesn’t need another Heroes rehash.    #itsnotclobberintime           



Chase (NBC) Mondays at 10:00 Starring: Kelli Giddish, Amuary Nolasco, Jesse Metcalfe, Rose Rollins, and Cole Hauser        

Kelli Giddish stars as Annie Frost, a United States Marshall who will go to any length to get her man. Backed by a weapons specialist portrayed by Rose Rollins, and several other Marshalls, Giddish’s Frost is looking to give Timothy Olyphant’s Rayland Givens on Justified some competition for best U.S. Marshall on TV since Matt Dillon.          

Just like Undercovers I’ll give this show a chance because I like action and from what I can tell this show won’t be short it.       

Other Possibilities:          

Detroit 1-8-7 (ABC), The Defenders (CBS), Lone Star (Fox), and Hawaii Five -O   (CBS)         

Returning Shows that I’m looking forward to watching:     

NCIS (CBS) Will the Mexican mafia kill the father from The Waltons? What exactly happened to Ziva in Somalia? Why does everyone on this show have daddy issues?     

NCIS: Los Angeles (CBS) How exactly does a federal agency hire someone without knowing anything about his past? Heady is a creepy old lady.     

Southland (TNT) Will Chickie finally get her props for catching the rapist? (She is a cop!) Will Regina King have to break out the shotgun on someone again?     

The Big Bang Theory (CBS) Funniest sitcom on TV.     

Justified (FX) Will Raylen sleep with every woman that he meets? Watch out Rachel. What the hell happened to Rachel?     

Those are my picks for this year. I still find it ironic that someone so gangsta as myself watches so many show about cops. Me and my DVR are ready for another year. Also notice that I’m giving NBC another chance after they snatched Life off the air. Let me know what you may watch this year too.     

Vaya con Dios.


8 responses to “What are you gonna watch? (My fall TV preview.)

  1. Wow, that is an awesome set of shows!
    I just discovered NCIS, and it has me glued to my tv.
    But, I am surprised that I don’t see Law & order: svu OR LA,
    OR White Collar!
    I guess those are not everyones cup of tea, haha.

  2. @The Exotic Black

    Thanks for reading. Keep coming back if you like it.

    NCIS is kind of addictive because they all are odd balls who Gibbs controls. I like SVU but usually catch up withit during re-runs over the summer. White collars is good but I missed the entire first season.

    Thanks again.

  3. I’m gonna represent for the ovarian set and say Grey’s Anatomy (Christina Yang/Sandra Oh makes that show), Brothers and Sisters (after a finale that makes you cry, you have to see the next part. Thats like dinner at your Nana’s house without cornbred or some sort of pie afterwards) and Glee (no explaination, it’s a sucky show like Twilight is a sucky franchise movie and yet we just keep coming back.)

    • I used to like Grey’s but Shonda Rhimes’ writing kind of throws me for a loop. I also hate the main character and her husband so that doesn’t help matters.I do like Yang, little Grey, Karev, Bailey, and Dr Hunt but I kind of stop caring after they Merced George.

  4. You just became my dream man with that paragraph.
    George…oh I cried. I cried harder than when Denny died. Hopefully they’re taking it in a new direction, cause after that show of badassness Christina showed during the season finale, you can’t just go back to being normal. You just cain’t.

  5. Why did I just find this blog?
    And we were cool until you said you divorced Grey’s.

    Yeah, I’m late, I know. 😦

    • Thanks for reading Capricorn.

      I’m honestly the worst self promoter in the world so that my may have something to do with you just now finding my lillte corner of the Internet.

      I haven’t given up on Grey’s just yet but Ms. Rhimes needs to get her mojo back. Now it’s just disaster after disaster.

      Keep coming back or subscribe if you like it.

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