Ain’t Thoughts/Random News (Week of Sept 17th, 2010)

He's just like Steven Seagal, but only a real person.


I had every intention of making this post a lot longer this week but life got in the way. Deal with it! It’s a lot more newsy because that’s what I felt like doing so read it, comment, and have a good weekend.  

  1. Floyd Mayweather Jr. will fight a woman but wont fight a small Filipino. Hmmm… After an altercation with his baby momma Floyd is facing 4 felonies and some other charges that include stealing an iPhone. T.I. is also going to send you a “Thank you!” gift basket for taking the heat off of him.
  2. Since T.I.’s old lady Tiny got arrested will she lose her role on Duck Tales?
  3. I always thought Steve Seagal was the craziest white man on the planet. I was wrong. Look behind you Osama.
  4. Are Gypsies the Mexicans of Europe? They seem to get treated like it.
  5. Good Will Hunting had a one night stand with The Departed and this is their love child.
  6. Since there are only five episodes left of Jersey Shore on MTV they should film a reality show that would place nut job politicians from around the world under one roof. The cast would include Glenn McConnell, Sarah Palin, Kim Jong-il, Robert Mugabe, both Castro brothers, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Bill Clinton, and Hugo Chavez. The show will consist of 13 one-hour episodes and set up in a Big Brother type format with Rahm Emanuel’s gangster-ass as the host.
  7. Will and Jada’s daughter Willow’s song actually sounds better than anything that Rihanna has done in like two years… no bullsh*t.
  8. Is it 2011 yet?

 Vaya con Dios.


One response to “Ain’t Thoughts/Random News (Week of Sept 17th, 2010)

  1. 1. A lot is fishy about that whole situation on both sides and if he gets screwed, he is going away for a minute. You might need to start thinking about fighting Pacquio for some rainy day money.
    2. That is hilariously terrible.
    3. I have the issue of GQ that this guy was in. He is ill.
    4. Gypsies have been treated like this for centuries. Ask Dr. Doom.
    5. That’s a good way to put it.
    6. Very good concept. Emmanuel just don’t a f**k, does he? You noticed how the GOP tried to test his nuts the first year? They ain’t bucking at his @ss now.
    7. Sorry, but Rihanna is taking some major Ls right now and CB is on the rise again. Less folks are in her corner nowadays.
    8. Not yet, but I ain’t in no rush.

    Have a good weekend, bro.

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