A conversation with a Chinese guy.

No, this isn't General Tso.


Last week I had what was by all accounts a sh*tty week. My boss was in town for two days doing what he does. I’ve been supervising a construction project in our office. (Seriously, contractors are the new cable guys.) Leading directly from the pungent odor of paint fumes and dry-wall dust resulting from the still incomplete construction had my sinuses (Should it be sinusi(sp)?), lungs, and stomach acting like I spent a couple hours at Verdun or Ypres. Needless to say by clock-out time on Friday afternoon I was as my high school classmate Ron Williams would say “Through dealin’”. 

I made my way across the river to my place and promptly tried to take a sanity nap but this wasn’t in the cards. My neighbor across the parking lot of my apartment complex decided that it might rock to put up a f**king fence between the hours of 5:30 – 7:30 on a Friday afternoon. I couldn’t sleep but my fatigue remained so I just  vegged-out across my bed until around 8:30 until decided to drag my a** to the shower. 

After the previous balls to the wall excitement  that I just told you about I decided to make a beer run. After I got my Anheuser product of choice I decided to I wanted some Chinese food. I swung by my local Chinese bistro (Yes, such a thing does exist! The dopeness of the idea of its existence is only equaled by the dopeness of the food.) to cop an order of kung pow chicken. While I waited at the bar for my bird the owner/bartender who is the “Chinese guy” in the post’s title, looked at me and said “You need a drink.” 

He was correct in his assumption so I had him pour a rather stiff vodka and tonic, which boarded on bomb-a**. As I drank he sat down at the bar next to me and began eating his dinner, which smelled of cabbage and looked even more unappetizing. As I nursed my bomb-a** vodka and tonic and as he slurped whatever it was he was having we conversed about our jobs. This lead to a discussion about various management styles, dealing with upper management, and how maddening both topics can be. We came to the conclusion the if you are in the middle your screwed. This is mostly due to inconsistencies in upper management and no one in upper management wanting to make a decision. So if you are stuck in the middle you either find a way to move up or move out and work for yourself. No it doesn’t change the fact that being in charge of people can suck, but you can at least control who you are in charge of. 

So I’ve got to move out ‘cause this W.I.C job ain’t gonna cut it. Not only for the sake of my sanity but for the sake of my liver. (Methinks having bomb-a**  vodka and tonics isn’t healthy.) Well there’s that and I don’t want my liver ending up looking like how I would imagine James Bond’s. 

Vaya con Dios.


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