Black male rage and other things that Google helps you find.

Any one who is close to me know that from time to time I will reference Skynet, the computer system from the Terminator franchise that became self-aware and thought it would be a good idea to microwave the Earth’s surface to eradicate we pesky homo sapiens for our own benefit. In the movies and the subsequent comic books, novels, and television show Skynet followed up it’s nuclear holocaust by unleashing The Governor or California and Johnny Cash’s father to make sure we knew our place. Most of my references to Skynet are towards any computer system, machine, or cell phone that I feel the need to give the Josey Wales face to because it just seems to know too much. 

Ironically, I made a comment on an article from the Black Snob which dealt with advanced computers that may be employed by the Big Green Machine in the future to keep Uncle Sam’s pimp hand nice and strong. I read the article and made the comment at the end of last week and naturally I forgot about it. So Monday morning I check the stats on my blog’s dashboard to see if I got any hits this weekend. When I checked to see what search terms lead people to my little cloud I see the words “black male rage” were entered in a Google search and they got me.  

I remember reading and commenting over at Black Girl Blogging about weird Internet searches that lead people to your blog. I’m going to assume that “black male rage” was in reference to a  post I did last week called “On Being a Black Man in Office Space” which dealt with a black man dealing with properly emoting anger at work without being seen as O-Dog, Gunnery Sgt Foley. or Hawk. (Ok, deep down I kind of want to be Hawk.) Any how I’m guessing Google just lumped me into its angry negro group and said good day.  

Due to this I must now add Google to the list of things that may possibly turn into Skynet. Google must now take its place among the likes of Ms. Moneypenny’s Droid, any Blackberry, most Apple products, and Glen Beck’s feeble little mind. Google, please tighten it up so that you don’t destroy us. It was funny when my boss in college entered “stick fingers” in search of the chain of bbq eateries but came up with a S&M web site, but now it’s just creepy. If you try eradicate life on the planet I’ll be happy to switch to Bing and send the Connors after that a**.  

Vaya con Dios


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