You just can’t okay! or It’s different when we call each other that!

Dear Dr. Laura,

Before I start I will make one thing clear; I’m not a fan of the political correct police. I say things that are kind of foul all the time but there’s one difference; I don’t have a radio show.

In light of your recent usage of the “N-Word” I’ve decided to explain what you did wrong. This probably won’t make much sense to you and people who think like you but I’m going to do my best to make it nice and clear.

You just can’t say “nigger”, “nigga”, or any variation of the word without penalty. Why? It’s because you aren’t black that’s why. Close your mouth while I explain. “Nigger” has about 400 some odd years of pain attached to it. This pain has been grafted into the minds of every black person who has ever lived in the new world. (Well everyone except Condi Rice.) Over time “nigger” became a term of endearment for black folks in America. Whether this is right or wrong that’s the way it is. The usage of the word has transcended class and educations lines as if it were as natural as breathing. It’s in our music, our jokes, our movies, and literature. That’s why “black comedians” as you put it use the word all the time.

The thing is Doc even the most down folks of other races (There is a special clause for Puerto Ricans) can’t use it. Marshall Mathers? Nope. William J. Clinton? Nah. Sarah Palin? Nyet. Bruce Lee couldn’t use it either. My point is it is that it is absolutely different when we call each other ”that”. It’s different in the same way that my female co-workers can call each other “bitch” without pause. I’m sure the Irish have some demeaning name given to them by the English that they jokingly refer to each other as. (Bono, The Edge, and that other guy in U2 are probably somewhere saving a gaggle of brown babies somewhere and are insulting the sh** out of each other.) I’m willing to bet that all races do this. Hell, I know for sure it evens transcends race and covers sexual preference also. I fondly remember and old boss, who is gay, saying “Keith, there is nothing funnier than a bunch of drunk f*****s bowling.” The fact that we use it is not right, but we do have the right to say it. (There are legions of black folks who think I’m wrong for thinking this way but oh well.)

So what I’m saying is that yes, you have you’re freedom of speech, but no you can’t say anything you want. You don’t own that word. It belongs to us. We don’t necessarily want it but it’s ours. While you’re at it please erase the following from your mind: F****t, kike, retard, wetback, beaner, slope, greaser, gook, moon cricket, jig, Kraut, Hun, limey, and whatever other slur that may refer to any other group that you don’t belong too. Whatever you do, don’t say them on the air. On the flipside feel free to use blowhard, douche bag, a**hat, dip sh**, moron, false prophet, and worthless flesh bag because you belong to all of those groups.

So in closing, sorry about you quitting your show and I hope you find your freedom of speech too and yes, I’m sure you have black friends.

Wu Young Agent of M.E.


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