Having fun yet?

This facial expression is the appropriate non-verbal answer to this question.


“Having fun yet?”   

No. I am specifically not having fun and you can go to hell for asking me that.   

We’ve all had “that person” ask “this question” at some point in our lives. For the life of me I honestly don’t know how to answer it anymore.   

Sure, at some point this question this question may have been poignant, “Wow, it’s only 9:30 and it seems like we’ve been here for eight hours… Having fun yet?” At times as pithy and rhetorical “Having fun yet!?!?” Now it’s only trite and syrupy (Like Tyler Perry’s body of work.) and annoying (Like people who pinch you for not wearing green on St. Patrick’s day).   

So for the sake of a happy and peaceful work place (If such a thing actually exists.) I find my self pondering who does one actually answer this question verbally without getting the HR and the Sheriff’s department involved. There has to be a response other than a flat-out lie or a four-letter word laden tirade that can properly illustrate how much this question can suck when asked at the wrong time.   

Now granted this sucker punch of a query can make any poopy moment worse (Tent revivals, P. Diddy listening parties, prostate exams, IRS audits, and watching horrible movies like the director’s cut of  “They Only Come on Sundays” come to mind.) but I can guarantee that somewhere in the list of Murphy’s millions of laws there is one devoted to “Having fun yet?” or some form of it being asked when everyone is having the worst time possible (Normandy beach around 6:45a.m. on June 6th, 1944. Crossing the Edmund Pettus Bridge. Any visit to any DMV, ever.)  

So my question is this– When you specifically aren’t having fun and someone says to you “Having fun yet?” how do you react? Depending on how much coffee I’ve had and if I’m hungry or not (That was a long morning in  the Visitor’s Center wasn’t it Moneypenny?) I either smile politely or give them the Josey Wales face. Tell me how it goes down for you kids?  

Vaya con Dios.


2 responses to “Having fun yet?

  1. Yes that was a long morning baby, but we seemed to get that question a lot. I wanted to respond, “How can I be having fun answering your dumb a** questions!” But that would hurt their feelings wouldn’t it? It’s one of those questions where my response requires restraint. ‘No’ is usually my answer.

    Having fun at work, would actually require me loving what I do! So, “No, I’m not having fun yet.”

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