Random News/Ain’t it Thoughts (Week of July 30, 2010) or Things that I have to try to give a damn about and thusly don’t.

He never worked for Inside Edition


This week I’m adding another twist to my dangerous little game of Random News/Ain’t it Thoughts. All of this weeks Random Thoughts will be things that I have to put effort into giving a damn about so I just don’t/won’t/bother. The news will stay the same(Highlighted), but the foolishness will be slightly different.  

  1. Congressman Charles Rangel (D NY) ethics trial begins soon. Congressman Rangel is facing 13 violations of House Rules but is also excited because he joined “Old black men who sound like old Jewish New Yorkers who smoke too much” on Facebook.
  2. I have to try to give a damn about: The “black marriage gap ” 92 % of black people who are married, just happen to be married to another black person. Besides I can’t hear your whining anymore over the violins.
  3. Until last week I had no idea what a “Wikileak” was. I guess the Department of Defense and the Obama Administration should start a Stop Snitching Campaign too.
  4. I have to try to give a damn about: Unsolicited information other about people’s bullsh**a** relationships. There is only one relationship I do care about and it’s mine. ***waves at Moneypenny***
  5. I have to try to give a damn about: The National Basketball Association. Black Mamba deez!
  6. I have to try to give a damn about: The Tea Party. What’s worse than a libertarian? A closet racist who is a libertarian. Why you mad son?
  7. The former “Baddest Man on The Planet” Mike Tyson is still struggling for normalcy, or his approximation of  it. All jokes aside watching this guy’s life is kind of sad.
  8. It seems Arizona isn’t the only place with questionable illegal immigration laws. Nicolas Sarkozy, the President of France seems like he’s going in on the Roma living in his country. Can you enforce an illegal immigration bill without being perceived as xenophobic?
  9. This article from Foreign Policy explores why Soul Brother Number 1 shouldn’t make too much of an effort in solving the problems in the Middle East.
  10. Speaking of Soul Brother Barack: I have to try to give a damn about people commenting on his family’s vacations. Let’em live.
  11. Anybody here like to pig out at baseball games, or other sporting events? Well ESPN’s Outside The Lines did a story covering the cleanliness levels of the food vendors at major sports venues. I don’t think I want nachos anymore. Thanks for telling us what’s in the hot dogs.
  12. Somalia: Still f**ked up.

That’s all I’ve got this week.  

Vaya con Dios.


3 responses to “Random News/Ain’t it Thoughts (Week of July 30, 2010) or Things that I have to try to give a damn about and thusly don’t.

  1. Crystal Cade

    This post made me laugh very early this morning. Very nice, entertaining Random News/Ain’t it Thoughts post.

    P.S. Waves back at ya baby!
    Moneypenny out.

  2. LOL! There are soooo many things in the news that I am over. I’ve been over the Tea Party ish for a while now. Everytime I turn on the TV, there is someone else “representing” the Tea Party that has put a racist foot in a racist mouth.

    I will play in traffic myself if I have to hear anything else about Mel Gibson or Lindsey Lohan (now fondly called “LL”).

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