Let’s try not to be the grass today pt. II or How your at work reputation can be a m*****f***er

Gloria My Gloria Things ain't been the same. Since you went away.


Near the end of May I posted the first part of this blog called “Let’s try not to be the grass today” which delved into office politics and how to pick your lanes when it comes to getting involved in office “incidents” as well as James Howlett’s child care prowess. Well today I’m going to take another look into office politics and how to carry you in and around the work place. Today we look at the importance of your reputation.   

Some of you may know that the dude in the picture is Delonte West. West is a NBA shooting guard, reputed m***********, and illegal gun aficionado. The National Basketball Association is on my long list of things that I have to attempt to give a damn about so I usually don’t. However, during this year’s Eastern Conference semi-finals, rumors that Delonte had been allegedly playing hide the salami with his teammate Lebron James’ mother, Gloria. Whether the West/James affair actually happened may remain a mystery to the masses or one of those things that will be talked about by generations to come. (Think Aaron Hall saying “dumb bitch” in “Piece of My Love” but with basketball players.)   

One fact that remains is that the incident will not be forgotten by the rest of the league and many fans. West crossed a line with Mrs. Stifler Ms.James which may have caused his team the Cleveland Cavaliers to fold like the French Army in the spring of 1940.   

Earlier in the week West was traded along with Sebastian “I should have taken my black-a** to college” Telfair from Cleveland to the Minnesota Timberwolves for something called a Ramon Sessions and a shiny new International Harvester. As soon as the trade occurred rumors that West will be cut before the season by the T-Wolves surfaced.   

Now ask yourself why?   

One train of thought would say that the T-Wolves are trying to cut salary. Others may say it’s because of West’s reputation. Yes, his reputation as a m***********! (Trey Songz, take my advice and never let your mom meet Delonte.)   

Now how does this apply to you?   

Well imagine you are a guy named Pete who worked in the aeronautics industry as an electrician for Bell Helicopters. Pete is good at his job, his reputation is sketchy. (We all know this person, the back biter, sad sack, or malcontent in the office.) Due to the market for whirly birds declining Pete is the first to let go. Pete is fortunate to find an opening a McDonnell Douglas, another aeronautics firm. During the interview process and resume review Pete wows the HR rep. He’s breezing through, but fails to realize that the HR rep at McDonnell Douglas served in the Air Force as an aviation tech with the HR rep at Bell Helicopter. After all of the hands are shook and the “I’ll let you know” something soon speeches are given, the two HR reps will talk. They will talk about Pete and you Pete’s piss poor reputation will come up at some point.   

You see your rep will follow you the way Delonte’s may or may not have followed him. We’ll never know but I do know the same applies to the teachers, mechanics, cops, and office workers out there so be mindful of how you carry yourself at work. It’s just too tough out here to be unemployed.   

Vaya con Dios.


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