Random News/Ain’t it Thoughts (Week of July 23, 2010)



Last week I combined my “Ain’t it News” and “Random Thoughts” posts. I decided to just go ahead and combine both posts on a weekly basis and ***In Charlton Heston/Moses’ voice*** IT SHALL BE KNOWN AS RANDOM NEWS/AIN”T IT THOUGHTS! I’m doing this mostly because I’m lazy, I have other things I need to do, and because I can. That’s just how it is so deal with it.              

  1. Chicken wings taste great but free chicken wings are f***ing outstanding.
  2. If there’s a cure for this, then dammit I want it –In this underwhelming economy, does anyone know the cure for understimulatingjobitis? I’m dying over here.
  3. If it were Danny Glover as opposed to Mel Gibson on tape being an abusive, racial, d-bag wouldn’t the out cry be a little more different?
  4. On another Mel Gibson note – – Are there packs of n*****s going around raping people because that honestly kind of scares me too. Fleece Johnson could be out there.
  5. I read an article in today’s New York Times about the oil rig that sploded in the Gulf of Mexico. According to the article the hard hats who manned the rig had warned the suits about the dangers that were mounting on the rig. Companies never seem to listen to the workers do they?
  6. News about the two wars that we’re involved in is getting more and more sparse these days. I’m guessing that’s due to Lebron holding a press conference to decide what comb-thru to use on his beard, the NAACP and the Tea Party having b**** fits about each other, and whatever President Obama had for breakfast. With so little coverage outside of chatty generals it’s hard to forget that both wars are scheduled to end (I’m not even sure how that’s possible.) within the next few years. Here’s an article from the Times discussing how Uncle Sam’s choice to chunk a deuce in Afghanistan is a two-way street.
  7. Speaking of “two-way streets” who comes up with phrases like that and “double-edged sword”?
  8. I wonder what Ochocino is doing right now?
  9. I saw a blurb about this the “Anti-AIDS/Herpes gel” and I just wondered if it was on the up and up or skullduggery. Check out these two articles from www.blackaids.org : The first is about the drug itself and the second is an interview with two of the lab coats behind it.
  10. Twice in as many weeks two different groups of people from different churches have knocked on my door asking me to come to their churches. I know I shouldn’t be wigged out but I kind of am.
  11. 43 days to football.
  12. My new favorite word that will go on to the list with “gaggle”, “m*****f*****”, “skullduggery”, “doppleganger”, and “triskaidekaphobia” is “doubletap”.
  13. Hell, I wonder what Ghostface is doing right now too?
  14. Here’s that article  about Bill Clinton in Haiti that I promisedy’all last week.        
  15. She’s Always in My Hair.

    Vaya con Dios.      


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