Ain’t that news (Week of July 9th, 2010)

***Please note that many of the actual news stories I cover her may have changed after I schedule this post to publish. Thanks Wu***

It’s been a slow news week due to everything being all Lebron, all the time but I did find a few articles that stuck out to me.

My first article comes from The Post and Courier, Charleston’s local newspaper. It involves a little boy who “went missing” on Tuesday. Rodricus Williams, the toddler was reported last seen at the Battery in downtown Charleston but this turned out  false. Rodricus’ father, Roger was supposed to give the boy to his mother when the call reporting Rodricus missing was made. Roger Williams was arrested on several non-related warrants along with his girlfriend. Peep the story in the link below for all of the details.  What the hell is wrong with people? The father and girlfriend have now been charged with homicide by child abuse.****

In all my quasi-liberal leanings I feel people who pull crap like this (allegedly)should get sent to Gitmo if found guilty. Be sure to checkout the comment section to see if what I said in yesterday’s post holds true.****

The next two articles comes from In the wake of all the Fourth of July frivolity this past weekend, these articles ask two legit questions. The first deals with blacks, the meaning of the Fourth of July, and patriotism to us. The second link asks the question should African-Americans exercise their Second amendment rights more. Being the Purveyor of All Things That go Boom that I am and as much as I like shooting and shoot things I still think we should have stronger gun laws. To paraphrase Black Tony Blair’s words “I just don’t feel comfortable with random ****** having Barrets.” Well except for Taraji Henson in Smoking Aces because that was kinda hot.

Right – Wingers Aren’t The Only Patriots

It’s Time for African-Americans to Lock and Load

From time to time I, like many of my countrymen like to bitch and moan about my situation in life. This is another one of those inalienable rights that we just celebrated on Sunday.  Why we bitch and moan can stem from several factors like where we work, live, or how much money we have. I know unhappiness and poverty (Which aren’t synonymous by the way.) is a relative situation, checkout this photo spread from Foreign Policy. It’s called “What Hunger Looks Like.” and I realize that I will never ever have to know what the subjects of the photos go through on a day-to-day basis and I’m thankful for that.

In light of all of this basketball talk that’s been dominating the sports head lines for the last month or so here are some football articles.

I hate to say this but the Hurricanes are becoming dangerous again.

JaMarcus, JaMarcus, JaMarcus

Here’s an article from the Raider cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha, who next to Tim Brown is the most un Raider like Raider ever. He’s giving advice to rookies about adjusting to life in the NFL.

Thanks all I’ve got this week. Feel free to add links of your own and tell us what they are about. Stay out of the street.

Vaya con Dios.

****Last second revision of the first link.


4 responses to “Ain’t that news (Week of July 9th, 2010)

  1. ComicBookGuy

    Good articles, man, especially the one Nnamdi wrote. He is one of my favorite people in the NFL. Bad ass cornerback, intelligent and well spoken. Timmy Brown is one of my all time favorite players, partly because he is my hometown of Dallas. He came to my niece’s school when she was in the elementary school and he autographed a trade card and gave it to her right there on the spot for answering a question. I told her to hold on to it because when he gets in the Hall of Fame (it is stupid that it is taking so long), it will be worth a lot.

    Dude, you got to pick up Shadowland. This mini-series is going to be good. I love seeing all of the street level Marvel characters involved in something big. Daredevil is taking no prisoners now as the leader of the Hand.

    • Thanks CBG. Nnamdi has a good head on his shoulders but due to the fact that he never gets arrested and he plays in Oakland he doesn’t get much mainstream press. Did he graduate from Cal? He had a bit part on Friday Night Lights this year too.

      I picked up Shadowland but didn’t buy it. I flipped through and it looks like Matt Murdock is going to have an Avengers/Heroes for Hire problem soon. I had to laugh when Luke and Danny showed up and said “Yo D, need some help?” and DD responded “Only if you pledge your allegiance to the Hand.” I like that the street level people like Misty, White Tiger, and the like are getting some shine. Isn’t Misty Knight preggers by Kung Fu Billionaire?

      Second Coming has been good. Still not sure what to make of Hope. Who seems to have everyone’s powers. X-Men # 1 was good too.

      • ComicBookGuy

        Nnamdi was on an episode of Leverage on TNT as a security guard for an African diplomat. It was cool hearing him talk with an accent with him being Nigerian and all. Yeah, he’s a Cal Bear, so he’s been in that Bay Area for awhile. I like the Bay Area. Misty is supposed the pregnant with Danny’s baby. I am mad that Marvel hasn’t continued Immortal Iron Fist. I have every issue. I will wait for Second Coming to be collected. I have been reading the Scott Pilgrim series in anticipation of the movie Scott Pilgrim vs. The World. This is one of the best indie series I have ever read. Freaking hilarious.

        • Second Coming is following a long line of dope X-Crossovers. I want to see them do “normal” for a while. The guy who runs my comic shop told me what Scott Pilgrim was about. I think I may check that out.

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