Random Thoughts: Sippin’on some sizzurp (Week of July 8th, 2010)




Charlotte, I like your shoes.


***Me singing***It’s just another all day every day/I’m the quiet type I ain’t go much to say(nah)  

I don’t have some quirky intro today so here comes the randomness folks:  

  1. JaMarcus Russel was arrested earlier in the week for having “sizzurp” in his possession. For once Oakland Raiders were ahead of the curve on cutting someone.
  2. Read Ta-Nehisi Coates. Dude is nice with his pen.
  3. I’ve never read any of Cormac McCarthy’s novels but I’ve seen the two that have been adapted into film. After watching No Country For Old Men and The Road I’ve come to the think know that something is wrong with dude. I used to wonder the same thing about Quentin Tarantino after the pawn shop scene from Pulp Fiction but he makes  McCarthy look like Fred Rogers.
  4. People of the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic please stop complaining about the weather being 100 or close to 100 for a few day. Try living in South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, or Louisiana where it feels like you’re in a jungle for three months straight. Our sweat, sweats okay. So just be quiet about it.
  5. I’m contemplating taking a week or so off from posting to write a reboot of Sex in the City. The cast would include Lebron James as Carrie, Dwayne Wade as Charlotte. Chris Bosh as Samantha,  Amare Stoudemire as Miranda (the one that no one really wants but seems to get a lot of action anyway.).
  6. Number five is should not be confused with my version of The Wire with Ben Roethlisberger as Jimmy McNulty, Ray Lewis as Cutty, Lawrence Taylor as Bubbles, Pac-Man Jones as Marlo Stansfield, Charlie Weiss a Prop Joe and Rae Carruth and Fred Lane’s ex-wife as Chris and Snoop.
  7. Speaking of the NFL, I’m ready to see someone get knocked right the **** out so that we can stop talking about the NBA. The NFL finds itself with an image problem that involves lawyers and handcuffs. Roger Goddell treats the NFL’s players like the American justice system treats criminals. There are tons of half-a**ed attempts at preventing crimes and even more harsh punishments that don’t seem to deter any further foolishness. commissioner Goddell should take more of a proactive stance in stopping his talent from making perp walks on a weekly basis.
  8. Hey Alvin Greene, eight years ago no one knew who Barack Obama was either. I couldn’t type that with a straight face.
  9. I just realized that a new season of MTV’s The Real World has started. I haven’t seen an episode yet but of course they have the “one two black guys” this time out and I thought about all of the brothers who made themselves look like idiots in the past. In all my time watching the show I can only remember a handful of black guys who seemed normal. (The kid from San Diego and Tech, if Tech is what you call normal.) Are brothers that fame hungry that they will set themselves up to play the part of the idiot?
  10. Dirty preacher name of the week: Hercules Champagne.
  11. I’m still on a boat.

Well, that’s what I got for this week. If you’ve got any random to add feel free.  

Vaya con Dios  


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