The most miserablelest people in the world (it’s just like that…)

"I hate everything, especially you!!!"


In a galaxy far, far away when Al Gore took time to invent the Internet I wonder if he had any idea that it would one day become a soap box for the idiotic, mean-spirited jerks. On Monday I was rolling around town listening to NPR’s Talk of the Nation (I know your thinking Francis is a party animal isn’t he.) and a segment about anonymous internet posters came up. 

The Talk of the Nation segment made me think of a conversation I had with my assistant Paula a while back about me not reading the op-ed pages  and comment sections of newspapers’ websites because it just a platform for mean-spirited douche baggery. My point was that people hide behind the “anonymous” tag so that they can just “say stuff” about the writer, the news story, or the subjects of the news stories.  The comments are often filled with  every” ism”, and “ist” you can imagine.  

For example, the local paper The Charleston Post and Courier has a bit of a right-wing slant (By bit I mean a lot.) so many I just don’t bother reading the comment sections of the stories any more. If I do read the paper I stick to the information sections. It is so bad that when a family in a neighboring town was killed last winter, among them was a 20 month old and the hateful among the readers found time to chime in. I’m sorry sir,  I have no need of this brand of affirmation.  

This trend goes beyond your daily fish-wrappers’ web editions, Jemele Hill of ESPN often catches hell for her stories on ESPN’s Page 2 section. She is criticized for being everything from black, female, to being an all-around hack. No civility only vitriol. If vitriol had a market value Jemele Hill would be Scrooge McDuck. I noticed this again last week when South Carolina won the College World Series and the hate vultures on swarmed in and blocked out the sun light the next day. The attack were against not only the Gamecocks but the entire state. Once again I was left scratching my head.    

Even the most benign fields draw the ire of angry posters. You’d be shocked about how many old-school comic nerds take time out from their mom’s basement to comment on how much they hate Brian Michael Bendis’ take on the Avengers or Matt Fraction’s recent X-Men story line. Dude, your 50, just stop it. The fact that this upsets you is almost as pathetic as those nacho cheese stains on your vintage Silver Surfer tee. 

I wrote about a similar topic in The Fear a while back and I’m still wonder what gives. False Internet bravado is as sickening the fools who decide protest it in the street. At least those in the street will show their faces. I would say these people should be stopped but alas, this isn’t China so people can do almost what the want on the Internets and get away with it.    

I guess the Constitution is for d-bags too.    

Vaya con Dios.


5 responses to “The most miserablelest people in the world (it’s just like that…)

  1. ComicBookGuy

    That’s why are one of my e-dudes, for real. I can not stand this at all. It’s like it is not worth reading any article, even if it is something positive about anything. A gang of people online are going to rip anything that is said on the internet, no matter what it is. I thought it was bad on Youtube, but it is bad everywhere. Most of the time they are 2520s who don’t get out much and wouldn’t bust a grape in a fruit fight. People act like there isn’t racism anymore. Well, those idiots should check out the comments section for about any article written on the internet or any hip hop video on Youtube. Thanks for sounding on this one, man. You and I see eye to eye on this, especially the comments about current comics. Guys who actively rant and rave and comment on that stuff probably just need some p**sy.

    • CBG, I think a**holeism is just a part of our nations fabric at this point. A congressman calls the P.O.T.U.S a liar during a televised appearance. The P.O.T.U.S and the Chief Justice trade barbs with each other like petulant children in public when the both know better. It very well could have always been that way but it’s easier to get it out to the masses now.

      I think it’s part of the Fox News/MSNBC portions of our culture at this point–“We’ll yell and scream at the other side regardless of what they are saying, because I’m not going to listen any way.”

      As for our comic reading brethren I’m not going to go with the old “they need some *****” rhetoric because a loser who is getting some is still a loser. He just has two less minutes on his hands.

      Thanks for reading too Hoss.

      • ComicBookGuy

        “a loser who is getting some is still a loser. He just has two less minutes on his hands.”

        Bwahahahahahahahaha. That was a good one.

        I agree that people have always felt this way and the internet is the best way to put their feelings out there, no matter how foul they are. Anybody that says a lot of the racist stuff online, especially about black people, they wouldn’t step foot in Oak Cliff in Dallas, the south side of Chicago, west side detroit, or south central LA. Internet gangsters. Weaka$$ness at its best.

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