Ain’t that news. # 1

So I have a lot of monthly magazine subscriptions and several that I get delivered by e-mail on a daily basis. (I like to learn and read and stuff.) Most of the time it takes me the entirety of a month to get through all of the magazines that I get. I’ve come across some pretty interesting articles in the last week that I like so I’m posting the links to them so y’all can enjoy them as well. Besides I really needed to do another blog this week like the Gulf Coast needs a shipment of ShamWows.

So the first story comes from ESPN’s E:60 news magazine. With the rest of the world going nuts over the World Cup of futbol the folks at the Four-Letter monster decided to shed some light on one of the host country South Africa’s dark secrets involving lesbian athletes and the harsh treatment that many of them receive from their intolerant countrymen. I found out about this article through on of the commenters over at . I think I may have been Keisha Brown. I think. Click the link, read, and watch.

The news media in the U.S of A love a good story about missing white girls. Jean Benet, Natalie Holloway and so forth dominated the headlines for weeks at a time when they “went missing”. Tragically women of color don’t get the same type of press coverage when the same they are abducted or murdered. (I have no idea why that is.) This article from GQ tells the story of several black women who have “disappeared” in Rocky Mount, NC, land of the Fridge full of beer.

This, this here is a prime example of why you don’t mouth off about your boss in public to news reporters. Discipline reflects leadership doesn’t it General McChyrstal?

Negroes with gun anyone? This article is from the Washington Post. It asks a simple question: What if all of the white militias were black. Constitutional Rights my a**.

I’m no one’s father but here is an interesting article about rasing little boys to be men in modern America from Esquire.

Lastly, we can all be thankful that we can get rid of crappy leaders via the voters both. This is from Foreign Policy.

Have a good weekend and stay out of the heat.


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