Random Thoughts (I’ll set your a** on fire…)


Clickety clack


I hope all of the daddies out there both good and bad, and everyone else had a good weekend. It’s hot, I’m sleep deprived (Apparently, last night was make a lot of noise in the parking lot at my place.) and I really don’t want to be anywhere near work right now. So here’s the equation folks: Unbearable heat + Mad Sleepy(2)/ Irritated as f***= Random Thoughts.     

Sit back, read, laugh, cry, comment, and talk amongst yourselves.     

  1. True Blood is a hokey, hokey show. There’s nothing funnier than red necks, Cajuns, vampires, and black folks doing ignorant sh*t. Oh and there’s also Lafayette. I DVRed last week’s episode and watched it last night. In the episode, Bill did something to his ex/maker Lorena that actually made me laugh until I cried (Check out the video around the 50 second mark). I’m in no way condoning setting your ex, boss, neighbor, postal carrier, or your dealer on fire, but I’m just saying this is the funniest reaction to seeing someone you abhor more than anyone else in the world. Seinfeld would have been an even better show if Jerry would have done this to Newman.
  2. Every organization or company has a high-ranking member who will say absolutely anything without giving a damn who hears it. The Army has Gen. Stanley A. McChrystal, who is the commander of the Big Green Machine in Afghanistan and according to some of his aides, Gen McChrystal supposedly called the entirety of the Obama administration p***ies. (Okay, I’m exaggerating a bit.)  An unnamed aide spoke with Rollingstones’ Michael Hastings in an articled called “The Runaway General”. The General seems to be at odds with Barry O and his team about how American policy is taking shape in his area of operations. Having a loose tongue is one thing but this guy is just insulting, saying that Barry O was “uncomfortable and intimidated” during a meeting with himself and other generals. It doesn’t matter if he was or wasn’t, but I’m pretty sure the POTUS was at the top of the pyramid when it came to commanding the military and that’s just mad disrespectful. He continues to allegedly insult White House staff members throughout the article.  Although he fancies himself a hard*** McChrystal admitted that his favorite beer was Bud Light Lime?!?! (That reeks of badass, Sir!) Work place lesson: Never say anything about the bosses in ear shot of people you supervise.
  3. Just say no to Drake.
  4. I can’t see ’em comin down my eyes. So I gotta let the song cry.
  5. I’m not calling any names but if you know someone who may be insane keep them away from Facebook. It might be funny, but get them some help. As a matter of fact keep your parents off of  the Internet too.
  6. This is honestly the worst blog entry I’ve ever done. This is pure, uninspired, sh**. You deserve better.
  7. That cop in Seattle didn’t have to steal on that girl, but I understand. I really do…stupid hood rat.

 I promise to do better next time. Honest injun! Uggghh Vaya con Dios. 

Now say Queensbridge!


2 responses to “Random Thoughts (I’ll set your a** on fire…)

  1. Yeah, shorty was definitely out of line…so I can see why he socked her ass. But at the same time, my man needs a refresher course in restraining people.

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