Pretty damn good!

***Disclaimer*** I use the word “daddy” in lieu of the word father. Your are someone’s father out of a biological occurrence. Yes, a father may be married to the mother, but this does not make him a daddy.( This is kind of like being a rapper or an emcee.) Daddy is an earned rank and should be treated as such.

Today is the day that we set aside to give recognition to the daddies of this country and the world for that matter.

Daddies are the left tackles of family life. You can make it through the game without one, but it you’ve got a good one you cherish him and lavish him with the praise he rightfully deserves. Mom may bandage your bruises but you learn how to get over them from you pa. (When I use the word “Pa” I want to say it in Jimmy Stewart’s voice.)

So I have to give props to mine, Stephen Sr. He will never be described as Cliff Huxtable (And I love him for it.) but to me he broke the daddy mold when he came off the line. For as long as I’ve known the man he’s puzzled me: Wearing cowboy boots, listening mainly to gospel music, watching basically only westerns, and baseball all of these puzzling things were his normal. He will never be described as emotional– that’s not his bag. I can’t remember ever seeing him shed a tear, but I know what’s going on in his head and heart. He simply got the job done every damn day he was on it. Due to the hard work that he and my mom put in I never knew what true hunger was until I was  a “hard-backed man” as my friend’s wife would put it. “Pretty damn good” are the three words I would use to define his worst day of fatherhood.

So please take the time to give props to your daddy or your daddy figure today. Let him have the big piece of chicken and whatever else he wants.


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