Random Thoughts (Hey Israel, someone didn’t love you enough when you were little, did they?)

  1. Someone should really teach Israel to use their words. You just don’t send an armed boarding party of marines, commandos, and Ziva David’s to attack a ship full of humanitarian aid for the Palestinians if you don’t have full proof that any actual skullduggery is a foot. The fact that you killed nine people on board doesn’t help when it comes to “winning hearts and minds.” (Not that you’re trying.) Then you chalk it up to bad intelligence. It didn’t work for W who was basically in charge of the free world for eight years so why would it work for you? In your short 60 odd year existence you’ve gone from the little desert country that could to the nutty battered wife from a d-level Lifetime movie starring that used to be hot woman from “One Day at a Time”. You’re just looking for any reason to pull that pepper spray on someone that you’re think is going to hurt you. Get some therapy and invite your crazy neighbors too. But hey this isn’t the first time you’ve attacked the wrong ship isn’t it?
  2. Rampage Jackson took a year off the UFC to remake a campy TV show, The A-Team, that didn’t need to be remade, refreshed, or rebooted, and the person you fight is Rashad Evans?
  3. I’ve watched “The Hangover” twice. Can someone explain the chicken to me? Pretty please.
  4. Dennis Hopper died after an extended fight against prostate cancer at the age of 74. I’ve seen him play multiple roles in several classic films like “Easy Rider” “A Rebel Without a Cause” “Giant” and Apocalypse Now” but he will always be the crazed referee from the Nike Football commercials from the mid-1990. “Do you know what Bruce Smith does in these shoes? Bad things man, bad things.” Cancer is kind of a douche isn’t it?
  5. As I type this countless gallon of Texas tea are spilling into the Gulf of Mexico due to BP’s inability to find it’s own a**, but the cost of gas is constantly dropping. What gives?
  6. Democratic strategist and Skeletor impersonator James Carville needs his own show on CNN. I wouldn’t what because I’m pretty sure he would cause me to have night terrors but you get the point. We should lock Carville and the head of BP in a small closet with the lights off for a few minutes. I bet we’ll get some answers then. http://ac360.blogs.cnn.com/2010/06/01/video-carville-we-want-our-culture-back/?iref=allsearch
  7. Kobe Bryant is the best basketball player on the face of the Earth. He’s still a douche, but he’s a really, really good douche.

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