I’m still Lost (Random comments and questions about Lost)

Hey Freckles, I'm really glad you took off that dirty wife beater. You were starting to smell like Hurley.

Last week the series finale of  ABC’s Lost aired, but since I’m a week behind on a lot of things I finally got a chance to watch it yesterday. If y’all aren’t familiar with Lost here I won’t bother to explain it to you. I’m just ot that smart.  Seriously, I don’t have the time a large enough grasp on quantum physics, mind-altering drugs, polar bears,and dirty wife beaters to make Lost make sense to you. (Click this hyperlink for a little more information.)In the pantheon of great TV shows Lost ranks somewhere between The Wire and Gunsmoke (laugh if you want but Matt Dillon was television’s first, great BMF.) *Side note. I really should do a blog about the greatest television shows too shouldn’t I?*  I started watching Lost in the middle of the first season and was hooked every since. It peaked my interested because I love a good show that can give me something to do on a random week night, but soon I realized the strong characters like Jack, Hurley, Sawyer, Locke, and Kate, the random pop culture references and nicknames that Sawyer came up with, and the all around weird sh*t made me stick around to see how this all was going to end. So after I spent two and a half hours watching the finale yesterday I came up with 10 comments and questions about the craziness that was Lost. 

So here we go kids. *In my dirty preacher voice/wiping forehead sweat* “I’m not gonna take up all your time this mornin’ ” And no, we aren’t serving chicken in the fellowship hall afterwards. 

  1. What kind of drugs were the creators of this show on? I come up with some screwy crap in my free time all of the time and I’ve never done drugs a day in my life. Could you image if Lost came on HBO? How f***ed up would this show would have been? Lost would have been on some Tarantino level of weird. I’m calling Zed weird!
  2. This show would have made one hell of a comic book. With all of the interchangeable characters who have pasts that are interlinked by something more than chance, the weird sci-fi theories, and the large cast of characters would instantly make a Lost comic book more interesting than the Justice League.
  3. What was so special about Walt? From the start there were illusions made to Walt having a “purpose” which were briefly shown with the bird crashing into his parents’ window and reading the comic book with the polar bears. What gives? I may have missed something but I need answers about what Walt Lloyd was actually capable of.
  4. Why didn’t they just shot Ben Linus in the face the moment they realized that he was a filthy liar? The man took evil to Victor Newman levels. He would kill anybody who stood in his way and never lost any sleep about it. He merked his father and the rest of the Dharma Initiative with poison gas. Ben it’s the weird island not Ypres.
  5. Time travel! Really?!?! I hate all time travel. I hate all time travel unless Doc Brown, Sarah Connor, or Marty McFly are involved. I hate when the X-Men do it and I hated when they did it on Lost. Sorry, I just think time travel is a cheap story line.
  6. Soooo, are they all dead? I really have to watch the last three episodes again.
  7. I still need to know what the Smoke Monster actually was/is/used to be? Why smoke? Why not sand or a blob of pudding?
  8. Why weren’t Adebesi Mr. Eko and Ana Lucia’s mannish a** at the church at the end? No love for the head tailies huh.
  9. Why was the reflection of Los Angeles in the water on the show’s logo?
  10. What will all of the Lost head’s do with themselves now? Six seasons and now what? I’m going to need a replacement show this fall. Help a brother out.

If the four of you reading this have anymore questions or comments of Lost feel free to post them. 

Vaya con Dios


2 responses to “I’m still Lost (Random comments and questions about Lost)

  1. These answers are purely instinct and probably wrong, so I can’t be blamed for their content.

    1. Marijuana Cigarettes and/or what crazy 70’s Sayid gave Sayid.
    2. Hells yeah, and the spin-offs would’ve been sensational, but then again, we’d have had to endure Stan Lee cameos.
    3. Mother Fathers didn’t answer that, my guess, he has Hiro’s powers and can teleport and travel through space and time, plus, he hates birds.
    4. Because his eyes deflect bullets.
    5. What about time turners in Harry Potter? How else would they have saved Sirius? It’s a necessary evil.
    6. Yes. Except Walt, because he’s special, for some reason.
    7. Because smoking kills you.
    8. Because Eko is doing movies and Anna Lucia is annoying.
    9. Because Arkansas was copyrighted.
    10. FlashForward and/or anything but V.

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