Where I’m From

There's no place like home.


I’m from where the hammer’s rung, New’s cameras never come /
You and your man houndin’ every verse in your rhyme

An excerpt “Where I’m From” by Jay-Z        

My name is Wu Young, and I am a product of my environment! All of the good and bad things about me were created in tiny Allendale County, SC in and around the town of Fairfax,  more specifically in the community of Barton, and I’m a better man because of it.       

Allendale County and the words paradise are seldom never used together. That’s just the way it is. Allendale has the uncanny ability to be both rural and ghetto at the same time.  For the last year and a half the unemployment rate has been over 21%. The schools systems aren’t up to par with South Carolina’s standards, so thusly they aren’t anywhere near the national standard. The population is somewhere near or around 10,000 people according to the last census. Allendale is  in so many words is the blackest, poorest, and most bleak county in the blackest, poorest, and most bleak region of a state that is bordering on third world. Still the tiny little village of Barton is still important to me       


I don’t care where he may be from, a man who doesn’t have just a tad bit of fondness for his place of birth is akin to a man who doesn’t love his mother. Doesn’t matter if it’s Mogadishu or Hanoi there’s will always be something to make you smile about your home town.   Last week I spent two days back home and during that time I reflected about both the good and bad things that Allendale County instilled in me. There is in fact no place like home. Dorothy nailed it!  During my two days at home with my parents I stepped back and took a look at the woods that I grew up in. Somethings are still the same and some things are vastly different from when I was a permanent resident. In spite of what Allendale has become only the fond memories of home came to my mind.     

I can remember a time when my grandparents were my only neighbors who were actually people. (The other neighbors were fields of whatever crop my pops and grandfather planted that season and forests.) My brother and I would spend way to much time playing in places in the woods that we probably shouldn’t have gone into but what the hell, I’m still here.       

I remembered the time when my father was filling our big red International tractor with diesel and I decided to press the pump handle one more time after he took the nozzle out of the tractor’s tank and the fuel just covering him from his feet to his torso. I also remember him taking off his belt and putting on a clinic that only Pootie Tang’s daddy could appreciate.       

I remember thanking God after catching a ricochet from my Daisy 880 bb gun (Screw Ralphie’s punk a** and his Red Rider, the Daisy 880 is the M-1 Garand of bb guns.) in the neck after I shot a piece of tin. I also remember thanking God even more when my parents didn’t find out.       

I remember discovering hip hop through my littlest, big sister’s music collection, the various radio stations we could catch from Savannah, Statesboro, Columbia, Augusta, Charleston, and the two local stations that played “black” music at night and on Sundays. 93.5 WDOG’s “Rap Attack” with DJ Hollywood was taped on a weekly basis.     

Even today many of my actions and thought are dictated by what I learned and saw in Allendale County. I still want to go fishing on nice warm days. I still carry a pocket knife just like my daddy and his daddy. I still look out for snakes when I’m near bushes, even when I’m in downtown Charleston. I still crave bbq (Not grilling, bbq. There is a difference.) on the July 4th, and I still think that leaning on someone’s car or sitting on a tailgate drinking Budweiser with your big brother and best friends listening to Wu-tang is a good way to pass a hot afternoon.     

I could go on forever talking about ish like this but I’ll spare y’all the bulk of my memories, but what fond memories make y’all all warm and fuzzy when you think about your home towns? Is it food and drink? Your parents telling you to either stay “in or out” of the house in the summer? Let your friendly neighborhood Agent of M.E. know what’s up.    

Thanks for listening.  






8 responses to “Where I’m From

  1. ComicBookGuy

    Another good entry, man. Lately, I have really been missing home, which is Dallas, TX. Particularly my neighborhood of Oak Cliff. I just live 3.5 hours away in Houston, but no matter where I go in this world, Oak cliff will always be home. The last few times I have gone home I have found myself driving around aimlessly, just to see how things have changed, driving by my friends old houses, going to my favorite corner store, driving through the hood and see who is out at the park on Saturday. I miss going grocery shopping with Moms because she has been too sick to get out of the house. I am definitely happy that I got out of the hood and made my people proud back home, but if I ever move back to Big D, I will not leave the area of town I grew up in for the suburbs. Home is home, no matter where you go, so I feel this entry wholeheartedly.

    • I only live 82 miles from home but being there made realize that I don’t go nearly enough. I take the aimless drives when I’m home too. It kind of hurts because the region is eroding.

      Thanks again for reading.

      *side note* What are your thoughts on the heroic age so far? I hope the X-Men incorporate themselves into the rest of the universe.

      • ComicBookGuy

        I like it so far. I copped Secret Avengers and it is going to be good. I like having Beast back with the Avengers because he is pissed off at Scott with creating X-Force. The Avengers story is going to be good, too, with Kang the Conquerer and the Future Imperfect Hulk. I was reading all of the Avengers stuff before Heroic Age anyway, so I like all of the Avengers books. I might even get Thunderbolts because I would like to see Luke Cage be a leader of all of those former criminals, especially with him being one himself. They need to make something with the X-Men coming back to the rest of the universe, especially with Wolverine with the Avengers. I do like Steve Rogers’ new role. He ain’t Captain America anymore, but he can still kick some a$$.

        • I got both of the Avengers books and liked them. I won’t be readint Avengers Academy. From Avengers #1: Who is the person that Logan knows with a time machine? Who did Spidey think was going to be there but didn’t show up?

          I’m also interested in how Storm’s going to react to X-Force. She was told and looked kind of pissed. I did enjoy seeing the Avengers show up in San Fran to see what was happening with the X-Folks. The irony of this is huge because they never bothered when they lived right outside of NY at Xavier’s School for Gifted Youth and Mortuary.

          • ComicBookGuy

            I had the same questions from Avengers #1, which is why Brian Michael Bendis is the devil because he sucks you in and drops stuff like that to make you keep reading. I have his entire run of Daredevil in trade paperback. I bet Storm was pissed about X-Force, but I love X-Force and I do like Scott’s logic behind having X-Force. He pretty much took the kid gloves off when it came to defending mutants because boys was tripping. I still really pissed about Nightcrawler. That was my dude. On the old X-Men arcade game from back in the day, I always played with Nightcrawler, even more than Wolverine. I like what Wolverine said when they buried him. Elf was the only dude that always had his back. Always.

          • What Logan said was great. Nightcrawler was always characterized as seeing the best in everyone. Even him mother. I would have thought Rogue would have had a bigger role in the funeral since they were technically family.

            Do you think Wolverine was talking about Cable’s time machine in Avengers # ? I f forgot to say that T-Bolts with Luke Cage was a good read as well as Wolverine Weapon X. The new New Avengers guest starred and the the Thing, Spidey, Wolverine interaction was priceless.

            Feel free to subscribe too CBG. I’m trying to post more often.

  2. ComicBookGuy

    I thought Rogue would have said something more, too. The idea of Wolverine talking about Cable’s time machine does seem intriguing. I love Wolverine Weapon X. The series will end at issue #16 which will be about Wolverine reading Nightcrawler’s will. Spider-Man and Thing were killing me, and Wolverine and Bucky going back and forth was funny too. It seems like Steve Rogers is one of the few people Wolverine really respects. I will subscribe to ya blog, man. We got a lot of the same interests, especially under your Nerdom links. I subscribe to Men’s Health, too, and own like 4 Men’s Health exercise books. Check out http://www.comicartcommunity.com. That is the site I get my avatars from. The gallery has comic art categorized by artists and you can search by character, too.

    • I wonder how Cable will work as an Avenger? The X-Folks never seemed to care for him, but tolerated him because he’s Scott’s son. I did see somewhere that Nate Grey will be joining the X-Men so that should be interesting.

      Weapon X is a rather comedic to be as bloody as it is. Logan and Steve are interesting because they both know that they are the old guys in the crowd so the respect comes from there. A few scenes with Logan, Rogers, Widow, Bucky, Fury, and the Howling Commandos talking about the “old days” would be interesting.

      Thanks for subscribing too. I’ll check that site out when I get home. It should be dope.

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