Random Thoughts: Questions and Statements

  1. Gucci Mane is back on the streets people. I don’t have anything snarky to say about that. That’s just a PSA.
  2. The legendary Lena Horne passed away recently at the age of 92 after a ground breaking career. I’ve got a question: Fellas, who was hotter in their prime Lena Horne or Dorothy Dandridge? I wonder what Fred “the G is for gangsta” Sanford and Robert “Granddad” Freeman would say?
  3. It’s only 111 more day to the start of college football season and Saturdays will be Saturdays again.*whispering softly* Roll Tide!
  4. I find it funny that five of America’s funniest people (Tiny Fey, Aziz Anasari, Amy Poelher, Tracy Morgan, and Steve Carell) are all on the same network (NBC) within a two-hour time span every week. Shouldn’t NBC just broadcast dead air and the two Law and Order shows for the other 160 odd hours of the week?
  5. Listen to my boys radio show. It’s not like you have anything else better to do with your time.
  6. Is it wrong to contemplating ordering a rum and coke with your lunch during the work week?
  7. There are several Chinese restaurants in downtown Charleston and I always see the same two Chinese men driving the same large white cargo truck around town “delivering supplies” but for some reason the words “sex trafficking” pop into my head when I see them. Is that racist?
  8. Dear Arizona, Thank you for passing a series of ridiculous, ethically questionable laws involving illegal immigration, racial profiling, and the banning of ethnic and cultural studies in your public schools. Thanks for taking the load off. sincerely, South Carolina
  9. Is “Darling Nikki” an inappropriate song for a wedding reception?
  10. Office Politico: I hate Microsoft Outlook. I hate CCing, BCing, and Read receipts. What I hate the most is getting e-mails with that red f***ing exclaimation marks the most. That’s some ho shit Lois.

*Tune in next time for “Which Obama is better?” or “Iconic album covers”*


4 responses to “Random Thoughts: Questions and Statements

  1. ComicBookGuy

    What up, my dude? Had to hit up your blog. Got some answers to some of those questions of yours.

    1. Yeah, Gucci is free. Again.
    2. As much as I loved Lena (RIP), Dorothy Dandridge (RIP) was bad back in the day. There’s a reason why they had Halle play her. Her beauty was something else.
    3. Didn’t know you were a Tide fan. Got love for the Tide, but the Longhorns will as always be my team.
    4. Yes. Yes, they should. All four of those shows on Thursday night on NBC are incredibly funny.
    5. Might have to check that out.
    6. Nope. I contemplate a beer or a gin and tonic at lunch on a regular basis.
    7. Not really. Wouldn’t be surprised if that was true. We have “prevent sex trafficking” billboards all around the state of Texas because we are so close to Mexico.
    8. Thanks for making sure our Mexican population never drops below 50% because everyone will want to come here instead of your stupid state because of your stupid law. Signed, Texas.
    9. Great song? Yes. Great wedding reception song? No too much.
    10. I concur. I miss Lotus Notes.

    May have to start coming around here more often, man. You write good stuff. Have a good one.

    • Thanks for readging CBG. I appreciate the comments even more. Yeah, the Tide are my team simply because my best friend is a Miami fan so I had to pull for the Tide in the ’92 Sugar Bowl. I would like to see the Gamecocks start doing well on an everyday basis but I can dream.

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