An open letter to Hustler Guy (aka Mr. Doin’ it Big)

Clavell and Howard Tibbs III... steady hustlin'


Dear Hustle Guy, 

If you happen to see me on the telephone out side of the library again please do not interrupt me to ask me to come to “your meeting” tonight at the Sheraton in North Charleston.  In this time of economic upheaval I applaud you for going out making an income, but I have no desire to become involved in whatever nefarious, soul-draining, pyramid scheme that you are running think you’re running. 

I have no desire to sell KrispyKreme, Spanks, Body Magic, crack-cocaine, “wellness products”, or f**king steak knives. Sorry hoss, not interested. I’m just here trying to download a mix tape. That’s all. I’m not interested in ending up with a storage shed full of “product” that I can’t move. Yeah I know a man has got to make a living, but you are almost as annoying as those mall vendors who get in your face trying  to sell the little machine that buffs and polishes fingernails. 

“C’mon man, buy it for your pretty lady friend.” No thanks Kamal, her nails are fine. 

If you have to sell someone on the idea of working for you/with then you probably have already lost. I’m just saying. 

I was polite to you, but our interaction was my fault. I should have seen you coming. I should have noticed that “doin’ big things” look on your face, but I didn’t. Keep on hustling homie, just don’t hustle around me. Here’s a final one to grow on–Don’t sell steak knives when the people can barely afford steak. Sell something that there is a demand for. Trust me it’ll work. 

Thanks for listening, 

Wu Young Agent of M.E


4 responses to “An open letter to Hustler Guy (aka Mr. Doin’ it Big)

  1. Just read you last 3 posts! Love it! The last one sounds like you need a hug *e-hug*. But seriously…nobodys is perfect. Pat yourself on the back for acknowledging the issue and move forward in tackling it 🙂 Not many people even know they got some ish they need to deal with, ya know?

    • Thanks for reading. I need an *e-shrink* too. Moving forward is a bish though. Yeah, all of my boys have their own set of issues so I’m very much aware of my peers mental imperfections.

      Moving forward is hard but needed. One closet door just empties into another set of doors full of things to deal with. I do accept the blame of not dealing with it a decade ago.

      • I’m confident you’ll be fine. We all have our own hurdles to get over at different times. Clearly 10 years ago you weren’t in the frame of mind to tackle these issues. Hell you probably didn’t even recognize them.

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