When Waka Flocka Flame’s Lyrics Are Stuck In Your Head and Suicide Isn’t An Option

There are many things that I would deem worse than getting bullsh*t-ass music lyrics stuck in my head, but it is a malady that I constantly deal with. It happens to everyone who actually listens to the radio for at least 10 minutes during the day. There is also one complicating factor in sh*tty songness: The worse songs are the easiest to learn. Hence this post’s title. I can guarantee that there is someone out there at this very moment singing along to “O Let’s Do it” that wants to do nothing more than shoving a wooden stake in Mr. Flocka Flame’s black, talentless heart.

Me, myself, personally, I know way too many Gucci Mane lyrics than I’m comfortable with. Sadly I have to admit to knowing his entire verse from Mario’s “Breakup” and what’s worse I know most of his first verse from “Lemonade”. It’s so bad I don’t bother changing the dial anymore because the same song or an equally horrible one is going to play on another station in a few minutes anyway. Why fight it?

Things have gotten so bad with sh*tty lyrics I now catch myself repeating the ad libs of rappers who should have stayed in Job Corps. Yes, your friendly neighborhood Agent of M.E. has made the trap say “Aye” before.

*Hanging Head*

I feel sorry for my mother.

Nonsensical/bullsh*t-ass lyrics have plagued music from the time words were first recorded over tracks. At first I assumed it was just rap and r & b but I can guarantee there is a dude somewhere in a pick up truck who just caught himself singing along to “Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy”. He is hanging his head and he also feels sorry for his mother.

There is only one real solution to this and that’s to stop listening to music. Now that’s not really and option, is it?

Tune in next time for “How It Shoot If It’s Plastic?” or “I Learned Everything I Know About Women From Raekwon the Chef”


2 responses to “When Waka Flocka Flame’s Lyrics Are Stuck In Your Head and Suicide Isn’t An Option

  1. Pecola Breedlove

    This is the exact reason why I refuse to listen to the radio. These songs get more stupid as each year passes. Very funny.

  2. @Peacola Breelove

    They always get worse. Even the talented artists give us crap to listen to. Radio is a massive waist of time. I listen to ESPN Radio and NPR more and more. I guess that’s what happens when three companies own all of the radio stations in the country. Oh well, I guess we nust adapt and overcome.

    Thanks for read Peacola. Also thanks for commenting.

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