The List

Once a year for the last couple of years MTV and the good folks at Viacom have put out a list that is referred to as the “Hottest MCs in the Game”. I have no idea what their criterion for “Hot” is, but I’m going to assume that it consists of the following: Press/Media buzz, Lyrics, Swagger, and Cultural Trends. MTV places a panel of people who supposedly know about hip-hop in a room and they debate on ten MCs and their deserving rankings. (The fact that the panel is moderated by Sway is even more disappointing. He should know better.)

Each year we have ended up with a list consisting of hip-hop mainstays who may not be considered super stars but are well known, a few wtfs, and some well deserving all time greats. Each year I have disagreed with the lists. Why? Well mainly I’m just a disagreeable person, and the second reason is simply because I can.

So last night when NCIS went to a commercial break I took a look at MTV’s list for 2009. Here it goes

1. Jay-Z
2. Lil Wayne
3. Drake
4. Kanye West
5. Rick Ross
6. Gucci Mane
7. Young Jeezy
8. Fabolous
9. 50 Cent
10. Raekwon

So that’s MTV’s list of whom they think hip-hop heads are checking for. Personally, I think this list is utter horse $@%&, but my standards may or not be too high. A few of these cats I can’t argue with. Some are questionable as hell and need to be amended.

Chime in and let me know what you think about this list and we can have a good old-fashioned debate about hip-hop. When the smoke clears we’ll come up with a list of our own.

Honestly, I think we can do better.


4 responses to “The List

  1. The MTV top 10 list is a joke. But if you want to base it on overall album sales and popularity, maybe they got it right. Or maybe the list was compiled based on which artists donated the most money to the MTV general fund.

  2. The top 10 are the only folks that get on the radio and it makes me sick. I only listen to the radio to stay on top of what is going on these days. Where did Raekwon come from?

  3. Yeah, this is a very "poppy" list but you still have to question some of the rapper who were included. Everyone knows how I feel about Drake. Gucci Mane is amusing, but seriously are people checking for him like that? The same goes for Fab.@D-Lay Raekwon just put out a hot cd. So his buzz is kinda deserved but I'll refrain from saying more b/c I'm a Wu-Tang homer.Where's Walé? I thought his name was getting out there.

  4. @MarioI think Gucci has damning pics of someone important because I can't figure out his inclusion. I do like the song w/Mario though.

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