A man can dream can’t he? Or things I’d like to see happen in 2008. Pt 2

If you just happen to be an old, educated black person who grew up before, during, or after the “Civil Rights” movement just don’t read this. (Your old-ass shouldn’t even know what the hell Myspace or Blogger is any way. Seriously, just go read the local paper, ESPN, or Tom Joyner’s website because you my friend are in the wrong place.) This will offend you. That’s not my intent but I know how y’all are.

”Bill is every bit as black as Barack.”

”He’s probably gone with more black women than Barack,”

”It’s not a matter of being inexperienced. It’s a matter of being young,” Young said. ”There’s a certain level of maturity … you’ve got to learn to take a certain amount of (expletive).”

The above quotes were made by former Atlanta Mayor Andrew Young (in Uncle Ruckus’ voice “No relation.”) and are taken from a Chicago Sun-Times piece.

What would I like to see happen in ’08?

I would like “Civil Rights” era leaders such as Mr. Young and older people to think before the speak. It’s about time that the right to say anything you want because you are old enough to remember when dinosaurs roomed the Earth be revoked. (Scroll down and read “Mama’s Gun”.) In this case Mr. Young was trying to be funny for his audience at “News Makers Live” in Atlanta on September 5th but negro stop it. You’re not only embarrassing yourself but any thing your generation ever accomplished.

This isn’t necessarily in support of Obama or but it’s in support of Obama’s generation and those generations that will follow to do “our thing.” That is if “our thing” is productive, legal, or happens to fall into the non-cooning realm. I am in no way trying to be disrespectful, but lighten up. I understand that there will always be intergenerational friction but let’s try to be more constructive in our criticism and guidance of one another from here on out.

The last quote that I have about starts with “It’s not a matter of being Inexperienced. . .” but I would have assumed that some one of Mr. Young’s experience would know better to go on record tear another brother down in such a manner. Once again we are making the same mistakes that previous generations have made. We cannot afford to have any more disconnects between generations. I’m pretty sure some one had issues with MLK’s 27 year-old self leading the Civil Rights movement back in 1954. Then again maybe they didn’t.

Just like in “Mama’s Gun” where D-Lay brings about the point that younger generations screw ups just don’t happen but they are usually observed from some one who is older and supposedly wiser. So if Mr. Young if Obama or anybody that’s 45 and under happens to screw up from time to time just think back to that anti-drug commercial from the late ‘80’s where the kid’s father catches him getting high.

The father then asks “Where did you learn how to do this?”

The pot-head son responds, “I learned it from watching you!”
So older folks we love and respect y’all but remember the term “There’s nothing new under the sun.” So please make the new year new and think before your old-ass runs off with the mouth.


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