A man can dream can’t he? Or things I’d like to see happen in 2008. Pt 1

If you are not a fan of coarse or harsh language including derisive words like drop-shot, scag, skank, town bicycle, and ho when used in the proper context then please don’t bother to read this blog. If you are offended and just happened to have ignored the first sentence of this disclaimer and read this blog anyway I will not apologize for any thing I say in the following blogs.

I’d love to see Superhead taken away to Guantanamo Bay.

“But Francis, she’s not a terrorist!”

If there ever was a terrorist putting foot to pavement and living among the good people of the U. S of A it’s this ho. (Yes that was in the proper context because she actually took money for services rendered in the realm of sex and “sex related acts.” So yes, she is a ho.)

So who exactly is Head’s target in this great insurgency?

Washed up NBA Centers?


Shook-ass rappers who purchased a turn on Space Mountain with said terrorist and who are now scared shitless that the Mrs. may find out?

Wrong again.

She’s going after the little girls of out community. Superhead’s message mustn’t be heard by another adolescent girl again. Head seems hell bent on destroying the psyche of the daughters of the black community. Head’s books and “I can take a stickin’ and keep on making bank deposits” diatribe isn’t exactly what a young black girl who may just be thinking the road that is life may just be a little to bumpy to ride on in the future should be exposed too. Combine that with the wrong circumstances and a young girl in a bad situation may just take the easy way out and give up face to every longshoreman, small-time dope peddler, and Division 1 running back that may actually see the field on a Sunday in the near future. If it stops some young girl from screwing Gucci Mane in an I-Hop bathroom then I think it’s necessary. Damn it man, this is for our daughters, cousins, and their classmates. This is an outcome that we could possibly prevent by tossing Superhead in a cell. No this is far from a solution but it’s a start.

Then again having Superhead under the guard of that many men with steady paychecks would probably only serve to fatten her bank account, give her more practice in giving out the Hover treatment, and increase the number of cases of the clap in the Marine Corp. So I guess there isn’t a positive outcome after all.


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