When you read this blog you say "A Bay Bay."

Top Five Wack Songs of the Moment
1. “A Bay Bay” – Hurricane Chris
2. “The Zoo” – Robert Kelly’s ignorant ass
3. “The Coffee Shop” – Young Joc
4. “Shawty” Plies – Tallahassee Pain
5. “Aunt Jackie” – Jason Fox ft The Hood Presidents (Please go to You Tube and see this for yourselves?)

Congrats to my boy Toro and his new Mrs. Cynthia for tying the knot on last Saturday. I hope y’all are extremely happy together. While I was at the reception I realized how so many black folks were kidnapped way back when and brought to the Diaspora. Imagine a boat load of Dutchmen or whatever filthy seafaring Euro-types you like dropping anchor in Sierra Leone and bringing a band out on the deck of the ship. The locals come to see what the white folks want and while gawking at the pink toes they hear what would become a familiar and beloved tune; “The Electric Slide.” So just like every other black person on the planet they found their way to the wooden deck of the would be slave ship and start dancing. I’m willing to bet one of my ancestors probably said this phrase in an African tongue “Girl, that’s my song!” The shackles were then applied thusly beginning 400 + years of misery!

Keep a black woman off of a pole today!!!

On last Monday (July 9th) the NAACP actually held a ceremony to bury the “N” word. Not that burying the “N” (“And by “N” word I mean nigger. There I said it” © White guy from the Chappelle show.) is a bad thing but let’s put some things into perspective. If every black person stop saying “nigger” tomorrow nothing would change for us. Why didn’t he NAACP bury the word “Colored” from their title? How about burying their lackluster leadership for the past 30 years. Screw it. Every black person should get together on a designated Saturday, we can rent a back hoe, and we could just spend all day barbequing and burying. Poverty could go in first. Then gang violence. Next would be institutionalized racism. Institutionalized racism would be promptly followed by our “plantation mentality” © Dr. Goodloe-Johnson. Our deep hatred and contempt for each other could be next in the hole. Gary Sheffield’s ability to speak could go in. Finally we could throw in our crappy school systems so that the next generation of kids doesn’t have to have this conversation! I’m just saying.

English footballer David Beckham is in America now and we still don’t care about soccer. Get over it.

I was flipping past the Jesus channel a while back and I saw Benny Hinn (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Benny_hinn) preaching to a soccer stadium full of Africans. I was just wondering if anyone in the government is keeping tabs on what he does with his hand! (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5lvU-DislkI) I’ve seen this guy level bleachers filled with Koreans and no bodies doing anything about it.

Y’all have a good one.


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