People you should be tired of. Or why Sean Combs needs to move to the Cong0

“Puffy. . . I hate that bastard!”

I uttered those words 10 years ago on a hot spring day while awaiting my parole hearing from Allendale Fairfax High with my boys Mario and Leonard. At this point in time Sean was just a minor nuisance. Much akin to a gnat or a bad child at the barbershop just annoying enough to get on your nerves but not annoying enough to piss you off. I still didn’t like him.

Biggie Smalls died a few months before this so there was a large void on Sean’s label Bad Boy. 112 has just started what at the time looked like a promising career. Sean then put Mase and the Lox on the corner in their shiny suits to start turning tricks for Sound Scan and TRL. *”The Benjamins” was hot but Jadakiss on TRL just doesn’t work.*

Taking all of this into consideration something about Sean Combs bothered me. More than Percy Miller ever could. Fast forward a couple of years and this clown had a firm foothold on the American conscience. He was everywhere: Pepsi Commercials, clothing ads *I can’t front Dude has nice clothes.* He was dating America’s favorite Puerto Rican, and having gun fights with Shyne. Sean was a certified star.

Sean decided to create “Made for TV” music groups. You know how it goes. Auditions are held. Wannabes are chosen and a band is ran through the ringer by Sean and his lackeys. He has done this four times what did we get? A hilarious spoof on the Chappelle’s Show that let us know Dylan was hot fire. Then we got Babs who was the world’s ugliest female rapper. (She makes Snoop from The Wire look like Jane Kennedy. [Mos Def c.]) Finally, we got Danity Kane (With D.Woods) who actually managed to sell more records then Puffy’s last CD “Press Play.”

His label released more than a few decent albums and actually put out good music. After all of this his ego got in the way and he continued to push him self and his label above his talented artists. That’s right kids before Cassie got a record deal for being cute while there was actually talent on Bad Boy once upon a time. During the last 10 years Sean managed to squander and misuse his once talented stable of artists. Faith bounced. John Legend did to Carl Thomas what R-Kelly did to Aaron Hall. 112 are on a milk carton somewhere and Total are waiting on their WIC vouchers.

Now Sean is back with the fourth installment of Making the Band. Silly Sean never learns does he? Groups created by yourself and Viacom never work and yet you keep whoring it up for the cameras. The kids on the show actually thing it’s about them when in reality the entire making the band franchise exists so that you can keep your name hot for just a little while longer. It’s a long way to the bottom Sean so before you fall just stop putting out crappy music or find some artists with real talent and go away.


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