Environmental Consciousness-less

Man, bad music is taking on the likeness of global warming. It seems like it is here to stay. Those who care want to stop it. Those who saw it coming tried to stop it. It is evident in our environments. It is even causing the people to dress and act differently. Now, the only difference there is that temperature will force people to change the way they dress. As for these folks that are being remote controlled with their style and behavior, I don’t think that Oprah can have a show that will affect their momentum.
Why everybody got to look so hard and try to be so tough? What’s happenin’?

Ok, alright…what I am saying may be a little cliché-ish. It is just that my sensitivity to this new “culture” has intensified since I have been across the water. Oh, the influence of this music is happening everywhere but at a much slower rate than the US. Man, the dudes are still wearing shags and the girls creating ‘baby hair’. (yeah, I am talking about the gel down hair-line edges and sideburns) All I could think when at home was, Don’t trust dem new niggas…. Now, on to what I heard when I came home, and what I saw in the videos.

People with this comment. Radio may need to be controlled in some way. Well, it already is because you hear the same things over and over again, but the things that they are allowing to be played over the wave are ridiculous. I have to listen to see which songs my little nephew is singing to. Although he may not know the meaning of what he is really saying, the population of young people understanding the music is growing out of control.

Before I went home a month ago, I was really looking forward to hearing the new music that was being played. The Netherlands are good for playing old hits of all genres. One day its Nelly and the next it is the Bee Gees or Shakira. If it isn’t that, it is house music. I didn’t really want to hear that at home. A lot of the soul music that can be found in the US doesn’t penetrate the rest of the world. That is what I wanted to hear….some true R&B, Soul and Hip-hop. All I got was T-Payne. Why?? Why do I get T-Payne people? Mr. Teddy Pender-ass-down! Come on dawg! You can’t come better than that? And these people are treating him as if he were the G.O.A.T. The content of the songs that are being played is terrible….its a bunch of Horse-sh**. Oh, and I cannot deal with another R. Kelly soap opera. Actually, If I am to go back to the global warming parallels form earlier, R. Kelly would be what ever is leaking through and continuing to expand the ozone hole over Antarctica.

I will get off of my soap box for now… but before I go, lean over to your neighbor and tell him/her to stop wearing dark sunglasses indoors, at night, etc… That was made for TV.

I will end with saying:
I love music, I love hip-hop (although a am green when compared to my boys Frank and Mario). I just hate the direction that MOST are taking it.

Peace. D-Lay


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