Food and Liquor

The good ole’ U. S. of A!!! That is the thought that continued to go through my head as my trip back home (after 8 months of working abroad) approached. I thought about all of the good food, hanging out, seeing my family/friends, driving cars, colored chicks with 401K’s and life insurance policies…ahhhh Amerika!!!

Then to break it down further, I started to think of all the individual family and friends I was going to see. I would have the best conversations with my peeps when I was home, and I started to look forward to that. I missed the little nightlife I had in the QC. I missed the music….oh, I can go on and on.

Why am I saying all of this one may ask. Although my trip to the US was pretty good overall, I was very disappointed with some of the things that I observed and encountered. I started to realize why Tina Turner likes living in Europe so much. I think that living over here can be an escape from the reality of the US….You can just go back and get a dose of it whenever you feel like it. Well, I am not to that point and I doubt that I will ever feel way exactly; I love my family and friends and I value spending time with them way too much.

I will highlight a few of the things that I had issues with as I swam in a sea of weddings and socializing this past month. My topics/issues/incidents are:

Music in the US and it’s “culture”
Friends and Family….don’t sleep on them.
Does anyone know what to do or say anymore?
Customer Service jobs

These issues may be combined because they can relate to each other. The list may actually grow as I begin to remember other things on my trip. I am just having a lot of Random Thoughts and would like to share.

I will elaborate on each point in the days to come.


3 responses to “Food and Liquor

  1. First of all welcome to the team. Your first post was a good one too. Although I don’t live in a foreign country (Charleston does feel like one from time to time.) I can see where you are coming from. I don’t think I get to see my friends enough but that’s just life. As far as people not knowing what to do or say just don’t get me started.

  2. Appreciate it man. And Charleston does feel like another country.

  3. Chucktown does feel “different” every now and then. You have to admit there is a different vibe to this place. The mentality can range from backwards to haughty. Both at times, but that’s just how I see it.

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