Random Thoughts: Strippers are people too.

“And everywhere that my crew goAnd every hoe that my crew knowAnd every show that my crew blowYou know we get down, you know we get down”

Tracey Lee “The Theme (It’s Party Time)”

First things first, congrats to the Allendale Fairfax High School track team. The boy’s actually won the school’s first track championship in 39 years and the girl’s team managed to finish second. Members of both teams won or finished in the top three in several events.

Jewal Christian Jordan I hope you are reading this because I wanted to let you know that you and I aren’t finished.

There is no masculine way to drink from a straw.

M.I.M.S. is the 2007 version of Tracey Lee. I actually thought about this a couple of days ago when I was at Sam’s Wholesale with my boy Duane. Mimsy made things worse when I saw him on MTV this morning defending his glaring lack of lyrical ability. He gave the usually “I make music that the people want to hear” spiel. Think about it like this. His one single “This is Why I’m Hot” will probably outsell Common, Pharoahe Monch, and Talib Kweli’s three upcoming CD’s combined. Forget dumb rappers, dumb listeners need teaching!

If M.I.M.S. is Tracey Lee. T-Pain is the new Oran Juice Jones.

Do the people who run McDonald’s actually think that giving you two apple turnovers will make you forget about the fact that you just wasted 15 minutes of your life waiting on their sorry asses to get your food ready? While you wait you are forced to listen to the conversations of the sorry ass workers. These range from “Why I hate my job.” To “Why I hate my baby daddy.” Two stale apple pies just don’t make up for that.

“As for the Mormon [Mitt Romney] running for office those who really believe in God will defeat him as always, so don’t worry about that. That’s a temporary situation.” I’m glad we have strong black leaders like Al Sharpton.

No matter what any one tells you strippers are people to . . . so don’t piss on their stuff. Besides is that what you want to be doing when Jesus comes back?

That leads me to this next point: Never OVER ESTIMATE the maturity level of college educated men. They’ll let you down every time. I’m honestly starting to think that stupidity is contagious. That would explain all three branches of government and the numerous packs of young men roaming the planet doing horrible shit. (Al Qaeda, Bloods, Crips, and the Dipset are perfect examples of my point.)

The Reverend Jerry Falwell passed away last week. I’m not going to speak ill of the dead but he wasn’t a nice guy in any sense of the word. For somebody who claimed to be a prophet he was extremely hateful. He blamed 9/11 on abortionists and homosexuals. Hell he blamed abortionists and homosexuals for almost everything.

Finally I’d like to give props to ESPN’s Page Two columnist Jemele Hill for disputing a poll suggesting most black people support Barry Bond’s chemical assisted chase for Hank Aaron’s homerun record. She basically dispelled the notion that black people all think the same way about every single issue. As much as I love baseball the point of her article transcends the sport.


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