Dear Marcus(Mark):

*This post was composed by my man The Mario Washington (It’s like A Tribe Called Quest, you’ve got to say the whole thing.)

Dear Marcus:

What’s up bro? I prayed every night that you would somehow pull through, but I guess it was just God’s design. You never know how God can place certain people in your life that make such an impact that it shapes who you are. Brother that’s what you have done for me. You have inspired me in ways that you can never imagine. What hurts me the most is that I never took the opportunity to tell you everything. Despite my negligence, I’m sure you knew.

You’re a big reason why I’m who I am today. You took me under your wing as if you knew me your whole life when we first met. You treated me as if we were brothers. And if I didn’t show my appreciation enough through the years brother it has been an honor knowing you.

But the longer we knew each other, I realized the impact you made on everyone you met in your short life. Everybody knew you and everybody loves you.

There are so few people in the world that can say that about themselves. You hear people say good things about people all the time and sometimes it’s not all true….but when we tell your story, it’s 110% true! You didn’t have one bad bone in your body. You were a genuinely good person, so selfless that you seemed to be more concerned about making others feel good even before yourself.

I remember when we really started having success with The Royal Palace and how it was so many nights that I didn’t feel like doing the show, or keeping in character, but your inspiring attitude taught me something that I will carry with me for as long as I live. You taught me that when people expect something of you, it is your obligation to do it. You taught me that without ever telling me in words. But that’s what was so incredibly remarkable about you. You spoke volumes without uttering one word.

I will cherish the time we spent together at WU and beyond, and I wish that there was more time. We had a lot of fun together, but we’ll keep all of the details of that fun between Royal Fam! lol

Since you passed on, I’ve been thinking about what we said to each other the last time that we had a chance to hang out. I said that I’ll see you the next time and we gave each other a hug. I’ve been thinking that if I knew it would be the last time that I saw you, I would have said more, but it was enough. I know that I’ll see you on the other side in paradise my friend.

You’re gone, but your name and your service during your time on earth will never be forgotten. I will never let them forget you. Ever! Your story needs to be told over and over again so people can learn to be more like you. That is my promise to you. I can never repay you for what you’ve done for me, but to show my appreciation for you, I will make sure that people will remember Marcus Austin and what you meant to so many!

I love you brother and I’ll see you when I get there!

your friend,

The Mario Washington, A.K.A. Grand Monarck, Royal Fam Forever!


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