Random Thoughts: Wipe me down!

With the first pick in the 2008 NFL Draft the Oakland Raiders pick. . .

I don’t know if any one happened to see 60 Minutes on Sunday but Cam’ron appeared on a segment with Anderson “I can be everywhere at once” Cooper that dealt with the snitching ethos that has swept the black community. If you get the chance check out the transcripts for the interview or what the interview. Not only is he delusional but also Cam might me the dumbest rapper ever. (Which is saying a lot because I still think Wayne is kind of. . . delayed. Even though that verse from DJ Khaled’s “We Taking Over is hot.”) Not only does Cam say dumb ish the fact that he looks completely ridiculous doesn’t help out either. The links at the bottom of the page should let you watch Cam in action.

My youngest sister thinks I’m inappropriate. I guess I am.

Here’s something about myself that I’ve never told anyone: When I go out in public I feel inadequate because I don’t have a pair of stunna shades. You can’t imagine how often I’ve cried myself to sleep about that.

M.I.M.S. is a bigger threat to the blacks than Jim Jones.

Do white people get embarrassed when they see each other dancing like George Bush # 43? What would the white equivalent of Coonin’ be called?

Ohio State Center Greg Oden announced that he is making himself eligible for this summer’s NBA Draft potentially making him the second older rookie in the Association’s history at the tender age of 58. (Lebron was the Oldest.) Mario, weren’t they in your Pop’s unit in Nam?

Random conversations you don’t want to hear at work: A group of my female coworkers were complaining about the length of today’s shorts that are made for girls and the fact they can’t find any jeans in The GAP. In the back of mind I was thinking, “It’s because you’re 49 and fat! Therefore excluding you The GAP’s clientele list.”

The Five Wackest Songs of the Moment: 1) Party Like A Rock Star-The Shop Boys (The Shop Boys sound like the name of a doo-wop group from the fifties.) 2) Tatted Up- The Alliance ft Fabo of D4L (Come on, Fabo? Seriously, if you suck in one group don’t make a song with another.) 3) MySpace Freak-C-Side ft Jazze Pha (Atlanta is really fucking up hip-hop. By the way don’t any one dare say, “What about T.I. and Outkast?” I’m not talking about them dum dum.) 4)Wipe Me Down- L’il Boosie 5) My Lip Gloss-L’il Mama (I know this is just a radio single and somebody told me she is supposed to be the next “great” femcee. She should have come better than this.)



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